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How to Wear Sequins?31 Outfit Ideas and Styling Tips

How to Wear Sequins?31 Outfit Ideas and Styling Tips

Sequin dresses have been part of fashion for so long. All those sparkles and shines always brought a new kind of style. It has its aura because nothing makes a statement like a sequin outfit.It has been wholly embraced day and night, including suits, dresses, shoes, purses, gowns, etc. Sequin dresses always have that glamorous charm that can make your evening spectacular. Indeed, it is the perfect attire for a perfect formal occasion.

How to Wear Sequin Outfits?

Remember: When Wearing Sequins, Go for Nude Makeup

If you are wearing a sequin dress, go nude makeup look. It is perfect if you keep your palette neutral but play with subtle shimmer and shine and a layer of lipstick and gloss. Stick to nude lipstick. Nude lipstick alone might look too daytime, and brilliance alone might be too simple, so it’s better if you add layers of both.

Avoid using bright or daring colors on your face. Just use a neutral palette enough to enhance your features. The more you keep your makeup simple, the more prominent your sequin outfit will be. So, it is right that nude makeup is perfect for sequin dresses.


Sequin Pants Outfits

31 – With a Black Blazer

sequin outfit ideas

30 – With a White Crop Top


29 – With a Black Blouse


28 – With a Matching Sequin Top


Ethnic Wear

27 – Dupatta

Sequins are a common theme at most Indian or South-Asian weddings. Here we see a beautiful floral lehnga paired with a sequin dupatta. If you want to try this look in a more western look, simply try a sequin scarf with a floral skirt – it would have the same effect!

sequin outfit ideas

26 – Sequin Sarees

With the wedding season going on, you might have come across a lot of bling and glitter, but this time it’s not just the festive sparkle. This time it seems that the bling trends are here to stay. Sequin saree seems to have become the new trend.

Sequin Dress Outfits - 13


Outfits for Summers

25 – Shorts

street style with sequins

24 – Skirts

sequin outfits

For a more modest look, try a midi length sequin skirt with a silk top in black:

sequin outfit ideas


23 – Tank Top

cute sequin outfits


sequin outfit ideas


Outfits for Winter

22 – Blazers

sequin outfits

21 – Blazer Dress With Transparent Heels

Sequin Dress Outfits - 20

20 – With a Faux Fur Jacket/Coat

Choosing accessories for a sequin dress is a question we hear very often. Because a minor mistake in choosing accessories and all your look can go wrong, it’s better to pay some heed. A sequin outfit is only as good as its accessories. But you can’t expect to finish up a low-cut sequin dress without something to make it show.

If you’re wearing a higher neckline, then prefer not to wear layers; instead, go for a higher necklace such as a choker to dress up your look and as for earing, choose sleek and straightforward, whether just studs or skinny drop earrings which bring attention to your neck.

Sequin Dress Outfits - 02


19 – Sequin Tights That Isn’t Over The Top

sequin outfits

18 – Layer Dress with an Oversized Jacket

Wearing a sequin dress with an oversized jacket is an excellent choice. Some people do it because they like it, sometimes because of weather requirements, or occasionally when giving a casual look. It creates both a simple and modern look. A sequin dress looks fantastic with jackets. So, if the weather ever demands or you want to add an oversized coat with your sequin dress, then never hesitate; go for it.


17 – With Blazer and Stockings

You can never go wrong with the stockings, that is for sure. Stockings are an excellent pick for formal wear and winter outfits. You can create a punk look by styling fishnet stockings with distressed jeans. Or you can go with floral pattern stockings but make sure that the pattern blends in with your outfit, and it can look great; and make sure you pair them with high heels.

Moreover, you can pair stockings with maxis, camisole dresses, and even long skirts with high heels, and you’re all set to steal everyone’s heart.


Casual Wears

16 – Go for a All Black Look


15 – With Ripped Jeans

One of the best ways to tone down a sequin if it’s too bright is by adding casual pieces of clothing to it. Pair a sequin top with your plain old skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans to get a nice, laid back look.

sequin outfits

14 – Go for a DIY Top to Keep it Simple

We have already talked about 50 DIY Winter Fashion Hacks. With a little intuition, you can give new life to your old tops by adding a sequin touch on top of it or at shoulder areas.

sequin outfits
sequin outfits

Dresses for Parties

13 – Try Funky Sequins For New Year’s Eve

If you want to make a noticeable appearance on new year’s eve and look gorgeous, then a sequin dress is perfect. You can always bet on a sequin dress when it comes to apparel for a special occasion. Whether you wear a mini, midi, or floor-grazing style, a sequin dress, no matter how minimal you keep the rest of your outfit, you’ll always look dressed up and ready for the party.


12 – Blue Sequins are Our Favorite

Pretty much everyone always goes for a black colour dress. But these days, the blue color is trending so high without even coming low. It is because it is a perfect colour for party wear, everyone loves blue color. Blue color never disappoints in sequin outfits. With your shining personality and style in spades, it’s like Blue Dresses was made just for you. They always give a very classy modification.


11 – Cocktail Party

Skip your everyday boring outfit for a glistening sequin dress, and I can bet that it’ll lift your mood on the dreariest of days. Mark my words, “Glitters never disappoint.” If any dress style will make your squad look like a million bucks, it’s a shimmering sequins dress. A glittering sequin outfit will look effortlessly chic.

Sequin Dress Outfits - 03

10 – Cindrella In Sparkles

9 – Dress For Baby Shower

Who dared to claim that a sequin dress is just for parties? No, they are not. They are not limited to particular occasions. You can wear them whenever and wherever you want to. So, why not get all your sparkles in a sequin maternity dress. If you’re looking to add some shimmer to your motherhood style, you should straight go for a sequin maternity dress for a baby shower.

There are so many ways to style your sequin maternity dress. You can go for a shimmery one that’s full of sparkle or has more muted tones or whatever you want. Check out the other ways to dress up for baby showers.


8 – Neon Never Disappoint!


7 – Go Backless

If you want to make a statement by showing some skin, go for it. Usually, the front looks classic, but behind it reveals the back, making you look bold and hot. There are different ways to style your backless dress, so it says you need practice, but it’s not that difficult.

Make the right choice, such as picking the proper undergarments and choosing to appropriately accessorize.

Sequin Dress Outfits - 11

6 – Choose Silver Sequins for Your Birthday Party

Suppose you want to make a striking impression and choose a silver sequin dress. It would make a sparkling red carpet look.

A sparkling silver sequin dress is truly fashion magazine cover-worthy. If you want to ramp up your outfit with a pair of shoes immediately, why not complete this look with a couple of silver-heeled sandals.

So, complete your outfit with a pair of heeled sandals to make it look slightly more elegant.


5 – For the Club

There are different ways you can pair up your sequin dress. By pairing a flattering sequin dress and styling it correctly, your outfit will sparkle just right. The most simple and effective ways are adding a layer to your sequin dress but making sure they go with your attire or adding or avoiding accessories. It is better to keep your clothing in your mind while selecting accessories.

Choose your hairstyle wisely. And another important thing is that shoes significantly impact your whole look. So, make sure they are not distracting attention from your dress.

Here’s a complete collection of Night Club Outfit Ideas.

Sequin Dress Outfits - 19

Plus Size Women

4 – Relaxed-Fit Sequin Shirt Dress

sequin outfit ideas


3 – Matching Sequin Set

sequin outfit ideas


2 – Try a Sequin Kimono Over Any Nude Colored Co-Ord Set

sequin outfit ideas for plus size


1 – Try Silver Sequins as Wedding Guest Outfits

sequin outfits


What Shoes Should You Wear With Sequin Dress?

Your shoes must complement your dress. Because they can either make or break your look. Choosing that doesn’t distract your clothing in the sequin dress is necessary. You want your sequin dress to slay with the best shoes and steal sparkling attention.

So, please select high heels with solid color and no shimmer or glitter. They would serve perfectly with your dress.

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