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How To Get Taylor Swift’s Signature Makeup Look

Line up the card to the outside of your eye bed resting along the curve of your lower lash line to give you the direction it should go. 

Then swipe the shadow from the lash lash line, flicking upwards along the business card, going as far out as you’re comfortable. You can start with a short wing, or go for it with a longer one. Make sure the card is flush against your face so there’s no wiggle room. 

*Hot Tip*  Try to do this with your eyes at rest and open, so you can see where the wing is naturally going to land and you aren’t distorting your eye bed. I did an Instagram Reel recently showing exactly how I do a wing, minus the business card, you can watch it here. 

Remove the card to see the line you’ve created. Then take that eyeliner brush and same shadow color and connect the wing to the rest of the lashline, as closely as possible. You can clean it up with a q-tip and makeup remover on the underside if you need to.

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