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How to Create a Sophisticated Yet Effortless Look in 2024

Good morning! And a very happy Monday. Can’t believe it’s the last Monday in January. February is fast approaching, which means all things Love abound. We’ll share our Valentine’s roundup on Wednesday, including five gorgeous shades of red lipstick. Stay tuned! In Sunday’s newsletter, we shared some exciting news! This February, we’re launching a podcast called Message from Mom. The first three episodes have been recorded and will be released on YouTube! Two of my daughters-in-law, Kelly and Chelsea, are my co-hosts, and they’re asking questions about romance, dinner parties, and wedding etiquette. Join us as we bust the myth that mothers-in-law aren’t necessarily monsters in law. And if you have thoughts or questions about future episodes, drop them in the comments below. Today is all about How to Create a Sophisticated Yet Effortless Look.

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