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H&M Summer 2024 Ad Campaign Rafael Pavarotti

H&M Summer 2024 Ad Campaign Rafael Pavarotti

H&M is in our good graces, given the fact the Swedish high-street fashion retailer continues to commission Rafael Pavarotti as their campaign photographer. The partnership between the two got underway back in 2021, with the Brazilian creative ultimately photographed the recent Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 campaigns. Subsequent to impressing us here at theFashionSpot to no end, we’re delighted to see Pavarotti back once again with the unveiling of a spectacular Summer 2024 campaign installment. This season, we’re transported to Pavarotti’s native of Brazil, with models-of-the-moment Vittoria Ceretti, Devyn Garcia and Anok Yai coming along for the ride. Dressed in H&M’s latest collection by Kate Phelan, the girls are captured within the lush and tropical surroundings of the Brazilian jungle. Elsewhere throughout the campaign imagery, Pavarotti’s cast of beauties are photographed posing up a storm down on one the country’s idyllic beaches.

H&M Summer 2024 : Vittoria Ceretti, Anok Yai & Devyn Garcia by Rafael Pavarotti

Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Love the photography and casting! Perfection,” declared MModa.

“Stunning campaign,” exclaimed an equally as impressed Urban Stylin.

Forum member ivano ultimately agreed, echoing: “First time seeing Pavarotti out of the studio. Stunning work!”

“Gorgeous campaign! H&M finally decided to pull up their sleeves! Fantastic cast where the girls look great on their own or together. Excellent work,” WAVES applauded.

Vogue28 echoed the same sentiments, raving: “What a truly spectacular campaign! You know where’s a real problem when a high-street retailer is managing to outshine high-fashion brands. Major kudos to H&M for sticking with Rafael Pavarotti, who is proving to be a total asset. These images are gorgeous, love use of the lush and tropical jungle setting. All the girls look spectacular!”

“Damn H&M really nailed it. Everything is just perfect. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for the rest of the year,” enthused JJ00.

H&M Summer 2024 : Vittoria Ceretti, Anok Yai & Devyn Garcia by Rafael Pavarotti

See even more of H&M’s Summer 2024 campaign and share your thoughts, here.

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