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From Scheduling to Reporting: The Comprehensive Benefits of Cosmetology School Software

One of the most significant benefits of attending cosmetology school is that your path to a career is much more straightforward than other educational options. Once you pick your program, you know exactly what job you will do after graduation and have all the training hours needed to get licensed.


Cosmetology can be a fun career choice that can lead to many opportunities. The options are endless, from working in a salon to opening a business. Cosmetologists learn how to build a client base and create return customers, which can be lucrative in this industry.

Using holistic cosmetology school software that provides student information system (SIS) and content management capabilities empowers cosmetology schools to improve engagement, attendance, and compliance while alleviating staff of time-consuming manual data entry and administrative tasks.

Students rely on cosmetology schools for quality education that prepares them to launch a successful career in their chosen field of expertise. However, these institutions’ systems must be updated, more convenient, and prone to error.

For example, biometric scanners are often used for attendance but create long lines and are not the most hygienic solution in a post-COVID world. Additionally, paper worksheets are ineffective for tracking LAB scores and transferring them into the SIS.


Attending cosmetology school is an excellent choice for those interested in pursuing a career that offers flexibility and creativity. Students can often graduate from beauty school in 11 months for full-time programs and 14 months for part-time courses, and many schools offer flexible scheduling so that students can balance their education with other responsibilities.

Unlike other academic programs, cosmetology classes are typically smaller to focus on hands-on learning and practice. It lets students know their instructors personally, receive personalized training and instruction and get the most out of their program.

A student information system automates attendance, tracks practical operations, prepares for audits, and improves retention for cosmetology schools. Integrated with barcode technology, inventory tracking, and low stock alerts are also available to streamline beauty supply management. It ensures your students have the tools they need to succeed and avoids costly delays due to missing materials.


Attending cosmetology school is an excellent option for individuals who want to gain hands-on experience in the beauty industry and develop their creativity. It also offers flexibility for those with other responsibilities like family or work. Unlike traditional colleges and universities, cosmetology classes are highly interactive.

Students are typically required to interact with real clients, which provides them with real-world experience and allows them to customize their techniques for each client’s unique needs. However, evaluating student engagement and attendance can be difficult when schools utilize outdated technology, such as biometric scanners or manual data entry.

Attendance automation helps cosmetology schools reduce reliance on paper worksheets and improve student retention. The attendance system of a cosmetology school software allows students to check in and out using face/fingerprint ID, QR Codes, or soundwave technology that uses a silent tone instructor’s issue from their device.

The SIS automatically receives data from the skill tracker, saving time on back-office duties and removing the need for human data entry.

Practical Operations

As a cosmetology student, you’ll work with real clients during your salon training and gain valuable industry experience. These interactions are critical to building strong professional skills and are often required to qualify for state licensure.

Unlike high school students, students in cosmetology programs make their own decisions about how many hours to work each week. A career in the beauty industry can be pursued with this flexibility, a great way to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

However, many of these programs leave graduates with near-poverty-level wages. It has led the Department of Education to reinstate a gainful employment rule affecting cosmetology programs.

The rule will ensure that career-focused postsecondary programs meet minimum outcomes. Schools that don’t can change their program offerings or lose federal funding. Some may even close.

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