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Feeling Colorful? Start with a Scarf – The JJ Martin Scarf by Echo

February 16, 2024

It’s been a few days (well, weeks…) since we’ve had a new Echo 100 scarf – but the new ones are well worth the wait!

This scarf – endless, ENDLESS possibilities:

One could choose any colors from this to include in a palette – brown and red? beige and orchid? It took me a couple of minutes to settle into what I wanted…

My choice – this time! – was to select a variety of accent colors, one soft, one bright and warm, one bright and cool, as well as the three most obvious neutrals of brown, beige and white:

If our heroine is yet another among you who is travel in the Spring (and BOY are there a lot of you planning to run about in March and April!), I’m assuming that she will want to travel in dark colors, that won’t show those stains that follow us on our journeys…

Once she arrives at her destination, her desires might be to dress in a more subtle, low-key palette. Her favorite shirt – in THREE colors – is the easiest imaginable way to manage this! A sweater and a couple of pairs of pants, and you’re DONE…

Her travel capsule wardrobe, assembled the night before leaving (she actually folds and packs in the morning, because that’s her way!), seems to be all over the color-palette map! But she knows what she’s doing, because she started with a perfect scarf, and a clear color plan:

Just for her own amusement, she mentally assembles a half-dozen outfits – alternating bright accents with overall subtle ensembles…

Imagine a wardrobe for the dead of summer based on this scarf – lots of white, with a wide range of accents! Tie the scarf as a belt, or in your hair, or on your summer tote bag…



p.s. Ten years ago, we enjoyed Nicholas Da Stael in a Start With Art post in white and shades of grey and petrol blue...

Feeling Colorful Start with a Scarf - The JJ Martin Scarf by Echo

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