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February 2024 “Six Paintings, Twelve Months” – Part 2

February 5, 2024

Three more heroines, working on three VERY different wardrobes! It’s worth considering – these people wear relatively similar styles of garments – classic jeans and pants, traditional tee shirts, shirts and sweaters. But because of their choices of color, their wardrobes end up looking so different that the similar styles aren’t a “thing.”

Timeless, but individual. A reasonable goal…

The most notable thing (to me!) about this wardrobe is the presence of both bright and muted pastel accent colors. Therefore, this heroine could dress in uninterrupted shades of beige, or shades of beige with a pastel accent, OR beige with a bright accent. That covers a pretty wide range of moods and occasions!

Coming into February, I felt that this heroine really wanted to find something in her lovely shade of gold, as well as a button-front shirt that could be layered under other things or worn over a tee shirt. She already has two great pairs of pants, so maybe a skirt or shorts? And a simple, but VERY pretty tee shirt…

I think this is a great spring wardrobe – so long as she’s not running into lots of rain!

One of the benefits of sticking with a favorite neutral – you can pretty much get dressed in the dark with this wardrobe!

Oh my! Thirty years ago, this is where you would have found me:

By the end of January shopping, our heroine had a lovely wardrobe, with texture, print, and color…

When she was shopping she ran into a LODE of red. Beautiful cashmere, and nice trousers, as well as a striped shirt that is pretty rare. But THREE red garments at once?

Well, she doesn’t have to wear them all together, right?

She rounds things out with a classic dress in neutral grey – a red dress might have been just a tad too much…

When everything is home and stored, it doesn’t look overwhelming; five red garments in a twelve-piece wardrobe isn’t excessive. Yes, her sweatshirt and her sweater look a LOT alike, but they’re such different fabrics that they play very different roles…

Let’s see how she can wear her lovely new red things without blinding all around her…

And finally, let’s check in with our heroine, who has this lovely muted painting as her inspiration:

At the end of January shopping, this was her wardrobe; yes, if I can find a rust tee shirt, she shall have it!

Well, there was no rust tee to be had! But some lovely camel is out there, as well as a black jacket that’s both traditional and unique – the best of both worlds!

Her wardrobe now has a LOT of possibilities – a black “suit,” a good core of four camel garments… She is going to have to keep her eyes peeled for rust – it’s not easy to find!

This is another one of those wardrobes in which you could hardly put a foot wrong, but let’s look at a few of her new possibilities, just to appreciate the options!

I must confess that I don’t have ANY favorite right now – I could envision wearing any of these wardrobes for a couple of weeks if it magically appeared in my closet or suitcase…

Although a couple of the colors might require me to find my (only) lipstick!



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p.s. Ten years ago, I was packing for a 10th anniversary trip to Paris!

February 2024 “Six Paintings, Twelve Months” – Part 2

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