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February 2024 “Six Paintings, Twelve Months” – Part 1

February 2, 2024

I’m always so excited to look at these wardrobes again!

This month, I’m going to clearly establish what has been my method so far – four garments and three accessories. With adding 4 garments each month, coupled with the 4 garments that each heroine started with, we’re going to finish the year with 52 garments – sort of like the Weekly Timeless Wardrobe!

It’s interesting how these numbers recur…

I understand that a lot of us aren’t going to want a 52-piece wardrobe; for many of us, that seems too few, and for some it’s going to be too many! But it’s nice to have a target in mind, if situations change and we have to reconfigure everything.

Let’s go!

In January, our heroine found herself with eight garments, of course. This is a tidy little travel capsule wardrobe, but I could quickly see lots of things that might be useful!

Inventories aren’t really massive right now – if you’ve ever worked in retail, you understand all about having to do inventory at the end of January, and how you just buy the minimum necessary for your store until the counting is done! So I’ve started with some readily available classics – centered around black cropped pants.

These pants will be lovely with sandals later, or with ballet flats in the spring, or with boots in cold weather…

It might be really early for her to buy sandals, but they match her spiffy orange belt, so we thought that waiting wasn’t wise…

And now she has THIS:

Lots of new ways to wear her tiny wardrobe, but I’m going to share just a few…

Let’s now take a look at one of our favorite paintings? Watercolor? Did we ever determine what this is?

After January’s additions, this heroine has a cozy warm wardrobe with lots of allspice brown!

It might feel boring or predictable, but so long as Lands’ End has allspice brown clothes available, our heroine should at least take a look at them! Stocking up on your favorite neutral is ALWAYS smart!

And her new pants looks an awful lot like her OTHER ecru pants – but her first pants were corduroy, and these are not…

Her green sweater is cotton, which means that she can wear it every month of the year – assuming she lives somewhere with the occasional cool summer day…

Here’s her new wardrobe – imagine a long spring vacation trip with this in your suitcase!

Here are just a few ideas for her new purchases:

Now let’s pause for a second in the depth of the Glen, by Elizabeth Magill…

So far, this heroine has been disciplined in making certain that she has her neutral navy… Still, you could live for quite a while with this in your closet!

It could be tempting to just thrown any old shade of blue into this wardrobe, but she’s trying to be measured and thoughtful – at a minimum, she wants to try to stay within the colors in her print scarf, and of course in her inspiration painting!

She decides that she should grab a pair of white jeans before spring is truly upon us, and they are picked over! With those in hand, a range of tops – all classics – finish up her February shopping.

Her bracelet and earrings aren’t necessarily intended to be worn with anything she’s buying right now; she understand that sometimes you grab things that have whappage (my word, for lingering impact) and find them a home later. These are inexpensive, but lovely:

Given a chance to spend 10 days in Paris in April, one could do worse than pack this!

Any bright woman can find a ton of ways to wear these pieces, but I suggest four, just to keep us in practice!

Monday, if all goes as planned, I will share with you the adventure of our other 3 wardrobe heroines!



p.s. Ten years ago, I had all kinds of random things to discuss

February 2024 “Six Paintings, Twelve Months” – Part 1

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