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Extending the olive branch on tucking

Extending the olive branch on tucking

extend the olive branch

Happy Thursday, friends.  Today I would like to extend the olive branch on tucking.

First, for anyone in the dark, here is a background of what has been happening this week on the blog:

A comment on my post,  CHICO’S SUMMER OUTFIT IDEAS, hit me the wrong way.

There are many reasons I could offer up about why I took Chris’s comment about tucking the wrong way….but I did…and that is all that matters.

I responded, very strong, in the Sunday post , SUMMER SUNDAYS IN TEXAS….which began a long conversation about tucking in tops vs. not tucking.

I actually believe this conversation was beneficial and helpful to some…but, it could have happened a better way.

In the Sunday post, I wrote what this blog is about and what it is not about.

Here is one more…


So, Chris, I am extending the olive branch to you.  I ask for your apology as I mistakenly interpreted your comment wrong.

Chris responded and after re-visiting her comment, I do agree that it was not an attack on any of us.  

I really was triggered by that word “Frumpy” and did not want any audience member to feel badly about themselves if they do not tuck.

I see now that Chris was not doing that.

She responded:


So, Chris, I ask you to forgive me and let’s go forward this summer with shirts either tucked or untucked….and I will listen closely to what you have to say.

I do hope you continue to comment here.

One of the reasons I may have been distracted is that I have been caring for three very active young grandsons this week!

For that reason, I will not have an updated post tomorrow on Friday, but will be here Saturday with another 2024 Fashion Trend.

I ask forgiveness from all for my “quick to judge” attitude.  Yet, the conversation about the topic was awesome and beneficial…this audience rocks.

See you Saturday, ladies.


By Pamela Lutrell

extend the olive branch

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