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Dress Code for Miraval Austin and Things To Do

My recent trip to Miraval Austin could have included all sorts of exercise, and I did get some, but my main focus was on trying their unique services and treatments. Today, I’m sharing the dress code for Miraval Austin, along with some of their special services you can experience to rejuvenate and renew your mind, body, and spirit.

Miraval is a luxury all-inclusive resort and spa in the peaceful Texas Hill Country that takes a 360-degree approach to wellness. I found the staff warm, helpful, and incredibly knowledgeable.

I was fortunate to go on this 4-day trip as part of a group with my friend Jo-Lynne Shane. I’ve been on a few trips with Jo-Lynne before and always have a blast with her. There were 10 women in our group, which was organized by Stacey Blum at Whirlaway Travel. I clicked with Stacey immediately and would travel with her anytime!

What’s Included In Your Miraval Package

Each package includes your accommodation, all meals and snacks throughout the day, and non-alcoholic beverages. They provide free parking or a shared ride to and from the airport, which makes it easy to fly in and fly out. Your stay also includes complimentary fitness, meditation, yoga, wellness lectures, and hiking activities.

Each night booked also includes a $175 resort credit to use toward fee-based experiences, which I utilized heavily! It’s a gratuity-free resort, so you never have to worry about who or what to tip. They have experienced planners to help you choose and schedule your activities throughout the day, which I highly recommend you use.

Upon arrival, you are given a tote bag and a sleeping bag for your phone. Your room also has a convenient little bed to lay your phone on. They really encourage you to unplug and be digital-free.


Dress Code for Miraval Austin


The dress code at Miraval Austin is casual, comfortable, athletic clothes. You’ll see women wearing yoga pants, t-shirts, cozy knits, leggings, and relaxed athletic wear with sneakers. In colder temps, they wear puffer jackets, cozy hats, and fleece to stay warm. For hiking, zip-lining, and outdoor adventures, they wear hiking shoes and durable outdoor clothing. The Nest Café and Bar is a coffee and snack bar during the day and a bar area at night. It’s always stocked with take-and-go snacks, which I found handy to bring back to my room.

What to Wear to Dinner at Miraval Austin


The atmosphere is very casual at the resort, and dressing for dinner is no different than throughout the day. I often spotted guests having dinner in their robes from the adjacent day spa, so pretty much anything goes. Most people wore their elevated workout attire or comfy casual clothes. Jeans were not as common, but I did see them. As hard as it is for me to believe, this is the only picture I took of what I wore at the resort!

Life In Balance Spa

Later that day, I visited the Life In Balance Spa for the first of several body treatments. I don’t have many images of the inside because it’s a digital-free area, although I did see people reading things on their phones while waiting to be called for their sessions.

Miraval Spa Sanctuary offers many types of massage, Ayurveda treatments, Energy & Eastern therapies such as reflexology, crystal energy balancing, Reiki, traditional facial and salon services, as well as Prenatal treatments. I used my resort credits to try an Abhayanga massage, a crystal energy balancing session with Rieki, and Pradhāna Veda, which is a warm oil massage.

The Accommodation

Their rooms and suites are housed in separate lodges spread across the property. My room felt a long way from the main action, which helped me get my steps in each day. The bathroom was beautifully appointed, and the bed was incredibly comfortable.

I loved to decompress on this corner chaise by the window and do a little knitting after I got back to my room each afternoon.

I spotted many groups of women traveling together, as well as couples and mother/daughter duos. This was such an amazing experience I couldn’t hep thinking how much I would love to experience it with my daughter! I feel blessed to have had this experience and hope to revisit Miraval Austin with her or perhaps try one of their other resorts in the Berkshires or Arizona.

Have you ever thought about going to a wellness retreat?

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