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Do You Need Accents? Or Neutrals? 6 Paintings, 12 Months April 2024

April 3, 2024

Back again with one of my favorite posts of each month! Our heroines diverge this month on what they want/need in their wardrobes, which is to be expected. Many of us can share the same core of classic garments, but we’re still going to assemble our very personal wardrobes in a specific order…

Our first heroine feels like she needs to add some navy and white to her wardrobe. As we enter April, with 16 garments, only 37.5% of her clothes are her accent color – that might not be a troubling ration for many of us. But she’s ready for more neutrals!

Let’s pause for just a second to enjoy her favorite painting:

This is her wardrobe at the end of March; yes, there’s certainly quite a lot of bright blue here…

For April, she chooses classics – you could picture all of these worn by a starlet of the ’50s…

With these additions, you can see that the bright navy is a bit more balanced in her wardrobe. This is one of those groupings that surprises me by how much it appeals!

As always, let’s take a look at how our heroine can wear each of her new garments. This is always one of my favorites parts of these posts; buying new clothes is fun, but integrating new things into your wardrobe and finding that you’ve been a smart shopper is better!

Our next heroine is committed to using beige as her preferred neutral, but she’s given herself a range of accent colors – too much beige is too much for her!

This was her wardrobe at the end of March – she was starting to feel a bit… neutral with this!


So she went shopping for accents, and did she ever find some amazing things!

Her wardrobe now is quite a bit more energetic, just as she wished!

She has some bright options now! With the weather warming up (some day!), these outfits will be perfect…


Today’s last heroine has thrown in her wardrobe lot with Georgia O’Keeffe. Why ever NOT???

Until now, she’s not picked up any white clothes; with the advent of Spring, she thinks that should change!


She’s still looking mostly for red – this heroine is REALLY committed to a signature color! Maybe she has a highly visible job, in which the public expects to see her wearing red? These things happen…

It’s interesting how one pair of white pants can make a difference! But this is still a distinctive wardrobe, for a highly visible heroine!


She knows that her new items will slot into her closet seamlessly, but one should never neglect this step when shopping. If you don’t find good ways to wear new items, they should go BACK…


I’m stunned to say that – so far – my favorite of these three wardrobes is the first. Maybe it’s the really classic nature of the navy and white pieces…. hmm….



p.s. Ten years ago, I shared with you what I observed to be one of the biggest differences between Chicago and Paris

Do You Need Accents Or Neutrals 6 Paintings, 12 Months April 2024

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