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Do You Love Blue? Adding Accessories to a Start with Art Wardrobe – Blue on White, White on Blue by Paolo Quaresima

January 24, 2024

You thought that I forgot! Yes, I can get pretty immersed in those Echo 100 scarves, but there’s no way I was going to miss revisiting this painting:

This heroine is going to look at each of her “wardrobe clusters” one at a time, and make certain that she has the accessories that she wants for each cluster… 

She’s already got her shoes chosen – that’s a lot of the thinking out of the way already!

First up, her warmest cluster. There are at least four outfits possible here, if she layers her navy shirt under her navy sweater… If you’re summering in a place where evenings can turn cool, this could happen!

And for what it’s worth, we have cool summer days in Chicago! The sellers of souvenir sweatshirts make out like bandits…

You will not BELIEVE where I found this scarf! Never stop looking…

I’m not a huge fan of nail polish, but if you’re wearing sandals, you might want to indulge. And why NOT have cobalt blue toenails, I ask?

And for a heroine who loves shades of blue, what could be better than jewelry that includes both lapis AND turquoise? This lapis is very dark – almost like navy – which suits this heroine perfectly:

Now, let’s look at our heroine’s 16-piece wardrobe:

…and her accessories!

All of us can imagine how she might wear these things, but let’s actually put a few outfits in front of ourselves to see how things look:

It’s easy to think that a travel capsule wardrobe has to include ONLY things that are completely “mix and match,” but you can include accent colors that don’t go together! You just might want to be sure to have a good core of neutrals…



p.s. Ten years ago, I tackled yet ANOTHER “difficult” scarf – a Liberty of London Ianthe scarf in sepia and cream… 

p.p.s. I’ve never done this before, but I’ve just seen TWO pairs of earrings that would be perfect here:

Do You Love Blue Adding Accessories to a Start with Art Wardrobe - Blue on White, White on Blue by Paolo Quaresima

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