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Do You Love a Colorful Wardrobe? Start with a Scarf – Echo 100 Scarf by Nuno Da Costa

January 26, 2024

If you love love, and bright colors, here you go!

So many possibilities, but I’m going to start with simple black and white pieces, and then add a wee rainbow of accents!

Nope, you do NOT look like a bumblebee…

Maybe you’re not up to wearing ALL the green accessories, but maybe you are!

What could be cheerier on a cool day than some beautiful blue, and some bright hearts?

Ah, purple…

Red is classic for Valentine’s Day, but it’s also flatters many of us every day…

Romantic and pretty in pink, but with a relaxed and cool silhouette:

It would be hard to go wrong giving this scarf as a gift, or treating yourself! It’s classic, but with a bright charge of colors that feels energetic and very modern…



p.s. Five years ago, one of you was heading off to England and Scotland with TWELVE friends... I show THREE travel wardrobes…

Do You Love a Colorful Wardrobe Start with a Scarf - Echo 100 Scarf by Nuno Da Costa

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