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Do you agree with DVF on aging?

Do you agree with DVF on aging?

DVF on aging

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today, I would like to hear from YOU on Do you agree with DVF on aging?

DVF, of course, is the amazing fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg and she is currently 77 years old.

She was named the most powerful woman in fashion by Forbes Magazine in 2012.

I have been a fan for a long time, and enjoyed so much her book THE WOMAN I WANTED TO BE.

Her family history is powerful and her story an interesting one.

I love that she is one of the few designers who asks her models to smile and that she appreciates a real enjoyment of life…joie de vivre!

DVF says, “My definition of beauty is strength and personality.”  I kind of want to put that quote on a plaque for my granddaughter’s rooms.

DVF says all that she represents is “strength, love and freedom.”

I respect so much her decision to not put fillers in her face and to age naturally….that is one big DVF on aging decision that is often discussed on social media.

Yes, both of us color our hair…but I choose to believe we both have decided to to do what helps us be our confident best.

She has a fun love of fashion like I do…so in many ways we have common ground.

So today, let Is look closer at DVF on aging.


DVF on Aging

I recently saw this DVF on aging comment: 

“I am 77 years old.  I’ve learned a lot. Instead of asking people how old are you, you should say, how many years have you lived?  Then you take age as a sense of pride.  Which is what it should be.”

Think about her words…does this make a difference to you?

Do you have a sense of pride about aging?

I thought about this DVF on aging quote for a long time.  My first reaction was that it does not matter, but after pondering it…I think it does!

And I plan to practice it and ask...How Many Years Have You Lived?

Somehow, that phrasing to me provokes respect and a desire to know more about the life lived.

As I near turning 71,  so far, the times I have felt “old” are few and far between.   I am proud and believe I represent my age well.

What about you?  Are you proud of your age?


DVF on aging
Instagram: therealdvf

One thing is for certain, DVF has not retired…she keeps going forward and living life to it’s fullest.

DVF on aging includes a passion to inspire woman.

She has been traveling to premiere a documentary called WOMAN IN CHARGE, and by Hulu and Disney Plus.

I do not have either of those streaming services, but I am going to do my best to see this documentary.

If anyone has seen it, please share your thoughts.

Now, it is your turn…please tell us below what you think of the quote with DVF on aging.


DVF on aging

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DVF on aging

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Cannot wait to read your thoughts on DVF on aging…and remember …..


By Pamela Lutrell

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DVF on aging

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