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Cropped vs. Capri Pants: My Choice

Cropped vs. Capri Pants: My Choice

cropped vs capri pants

Happy Friday, all!  Welcome to a discussion of cropped vs. capri pants: my choice.

I understand that many women over 50 do not wear either cropped or capri pants because they are said to be frumpy and aging.

I get that.

However, I live in South Texas where summer heat is intense and these styles in the past have been my preference over shorts.

Allow me to be clear…I look best and prefer a full length pant to anything I wear, and beautiful linen pants have made this easier in the summer.

But, for casual, around the neighborhood, at the grocery store, I like the cropped vs. capri pants choice rather than a short.

Even a walking short is not a preference for me…I just do not like how I look in shorts of any length.

I have attempted to try shorts in recent years, and I do not feel confident in them.

So, stick with me while I explain my choice for the battle of cropped vs. capri pants.


cropped vs. capri pants

Recently, I did a closet re-organization and I looked over exactly what I am wearing now for this time of year.

I actually was surprised to see that I owned not one capri pant.  I thought I did, but they must have moved on after closet purges.

I am solidly wearing cropped pants.

Here is why I believe that to be true:

  1. Cropped pants are longer, closer to the ankles. Typically with inseams of 25″ or 26″ inches.
  2. Therefore, cropped pants are more slimming than a capri pant which typically hits at the largest part of our calf.
  3. I am more confident in cropped pants this time of year.  I feel as though I can style them with my adjectives and still remain cool…any air at the ankles is good.
  4. Capri pants seem to call more attention to that pesky middle area I am constantly trying to minimize.
  5. For all these reasons, there are nicer options available in cropped pants than in capri pants.

I snapped this picture as I was about to leave for the grocery.  It is a typical casual look for a day when I am not going shopping or meeting a friend or in a meeting.

So far this summer, I have worn the CHICOS GIRLFRIEND CROPPED JEANS often on very casual days.

You can cuff these up, but then they hit in that calf area and become a capri pant.

On this day, I put on old pieces from my closet.  This past Chico’s linen white shirt joined my wardrobe before I had my colors done and it is comfortable and the only true white button down I own.

The striped tank is in a brick red stripe color.

Because I know someone will ask, the shoes are the SAS COZY SLIDE SANDAL in Copper.


cropped vs. capri pants

When deciding what you think of cropped vs. capri pants, just know before you label a woman as frumpy, you might want to walk a mile in her shoes.

I think the Northeast states are getting a baby taste of what it is like to live where I live…though I have not seen any triple digit heat there.

You do what you need to do to be cool.  I am attempting to make better choices for me when I deal with the heat and that is why I now go cropped pants over capri pants.

I am wearing more summer dresses now as well, and that really happened over the last two years.

Dresses are another great way to be cool and look more modern.

However, I do not wear dresses when I need to carry in groceries or go to a nursery for gardening supplies.

So these cropped pants are best for me and often just a choice of comfort over style.

Here are a few more selections of cropped pants currently available:

So, what say you…how do you feel about cropped vs. capri pants?  Please comment personal to you and not how another woman might look.



By Pamela Lutrell

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cropped vs. capri pants


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