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Cindy Crawford Flaunt Magazine February 2024

Here at theFashionSpot, we’re always down for a major supermodel moment and will take our encounters with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington at any given moment. You can add Cindy Crawford to the list too. Since late 2023, we have witnessed the all-American supermodel take to the covers of Vanity Fair Italia, Crash, ES Magazine and more recently Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. Cindy’s latest modeling assignment involves posing on the 25th anniversary cover of Flaunt for February 2024, via the lens of Greg Swales. Captured amongst the Malibu wilderness, Cindy is dressed by stylist Mui-Hai Chu wearing Bottega Veneta in the sun-drenched cover image.

Flaunt Magazine February 2024 : Cindy Crawford by Greg Swales

Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“I’m sorry, who? Cause that ain’t no Cindy Crawford,” shrieked aracic.

“She doesn’t really look like herself,” chimed in forum member oaklee91.

“They either RETOUCHED her to death or she has lost some weight but she seems so different from her usual self. Especially after seeing her previous cover for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore,” Bertrando3 noted.

Cocteau Stone pointed out: “It’s like they morphed Kaia with Jennifer Lopez. I think they were also trying to get a touch of Raquel Welch!”

Not everyone, however, was left so disheartened with the outcome. “Beautiful photography. Cindy looks hot!” exclaimed MModa.

“This is the best I’ve seen from her in YEARS. It’s almost vintage Cindy. Going forward she should not work with any photographer, other than Greg Swales,” enthused mepps.

“I gotta say, despite the cover bearing no resemblance to her, I do feel like this is the first shoot she’s done in a long while where it feels like THE CINDY CRAWFORD,” marsnoop2 voiced.

See more of Cindy Crawford as Flaunt‘s latest cover star and join the conversation, here.

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