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Chico’s new tops transition winter outfits to spring

 winter outfits

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Today, I want to show you how Chico’s new tops transition winter outfits to spring.

I am really not bragging, but merely stating a fact that my world transitions winter outfits to spring very soon.

Our winters are small…they can be impactful, but not long…and, as the sun is brightly shining, I am already seeing a need to think spring.

I returned a couple of sale purchases that are solidly in the winter outfit category and decided what I really need is a little spring.

When I transition winter outfits to spring it is most often about layering, so I stopped by Chico’s to see new tops.

Come with me to the Chico’s in the Alama Quarry Market….and let’s have some fun…..


 winter outfits

Stripes are everywhere to transition winter outfits to spring…everywhere!

The green for new tops is called Twisted Ivy.

This is the NO IRON 3/4 SLEEVE STRIPE SHIRT, and the design of the stripes make it a very flattering fit.

Transition winter outfits to spring with this top by wearing it under a denim jacket, blue blazer, or colorful poncho.

 winter outfits

You can also wear Twisted Ivy with Navy in this STRIPE WIDE SLEEVE TOP.

This is a fun top that will transition a winter outfit to spring with jeans, leggings, or athletic pants.

You can find the same stripes in the ZENERGY WAFFLE KNIT STRIPE TOP.

With this Chico’s new top transition winter outfits to spring with a light vest or navy knit jacket.

 winter outfits

Here are is the popular stripes trend with Chico’s signature appliques.

This is the SPUN RAYON STRIPE V-NECK PULLOVER, with the rounded hemline that is so flattering to those of us with curves!

If you like this style to transition winter outfits to spring, then you might also like: ZENERGY SOUTACHE STRIPE PULLOVER or the EMBELLISHED STRIPED TEE.

 winter outfits

This new top is perfect to transition winter outfits to spring, and I really like the top.

This is the POPLIN STRIPE SHIRT in French Blue Stripes.

It is the perfect layering piece to transition winter outfits to spring under a blazer of any type…particularly navy, khaki, or denim.

 winter outfits

In the store, there was a cute display with the top above under this SHORT SLEEVE KNIT PONCHO, which also comes in black.

They only had L/XL in the store and this would be much cutter with the smaller size as you see if you click the link.

The display was with light jeans and a long gold necklace and it was really cute…I thought I took a picture, but I did not.  So Sorry.


 winter outfits

This cardigan is very pretty and easily transitions winter outfits to spring with a lighter weight….not heavy at all.

This is the SHAWL NECK CROPPED CARDIGAN in classic navy.

It is very pretty.

 winter outfits

the colors in this new top give us a feeling of spring on the horizon, but with the sleeves stays warmer in cooler weather.


There is a similar print in a different new top, The NO IRON SLEEVE MIXED HALF MOON SHIRT.

The second one would be more flattering, but they did not have it in my size to try on for you.

Both are beautiful to transition winter outfits to spring with jeans.

 winter outfits

Of course, it is easy to transition winter outfits to spring with a touch of spring details.

On this LACE APPLIQUE TEE, the touch of lace on the sleeve transitions winter outfits to spring.

A simple, yet elegant, way to elevate your jeans!

 winter outfits

Finally, I really liked this top and ordered it in another color!

This is the TWILL FRINGE HEM SHIRT in Ginger Rose.

I ordered it in Olive, and it also is available in Alabaster.

I like this top to wear under blazers or jackets to transition winter outfits to spring. 

Then once spring arrives, it can be worn with jeans or cropped pants…without a topper.

 winter outfits

Also, once spring arrives and warm weather returns, you may like a colorful poncho like this one.

This is the ABSTRACT PRINT PONCHO with a classic navy print.

I am considering it for warmer weather in a smaller size.  I like this print, but I do prefer Chico’s ponchos in the S/M sizes on me.

I told you I would let you know if a print captured my attention and right now this one has.


winter outfits

Chico’s is a fun brand that brings us special whimsy for Valentine’s Day.

They call it the BE MINE EDIT.

As far as I am concerned, you could show your love all year long this way!

Also, don’t miss the GIRLFRIEND JEANS in this new color…Teakwood…perfect for all of the autumn palettes out there.

I hope this gives you some ideas for how to transition winter outfits to spring, and to know what is in Chico’s new tops.

Let me know if you have any questions….and until then…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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winter outfits

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