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J Brand Leather Pants / Nicholas Coat / Charlotte Olympia Boots / Mulberry Bag Eugina Kim Hat

Recycling some wardrobe staples of mine with my new pair of Charlotte Olympia boots I picked up from their New York store, which can you believe were the only pair of shoes in the entire store that were still on sale for 50% off. No signs, no red stickers, not even a crossed out price tag hiding underneath on the sole, just the perfect winter ankle boots I thought I was teasing myself by even trying on. “Miss, it’s your lucky day. We have your size, and they’re still on sale” the super chic saleswoman whispers. This doesn’t happen very often, well, at all. And if it does? Well definitely not to me. I’m usually the girl who buys something full price only for it to go on sale the next day. This lucky streak is warmly welcomed unlike the forecast for more snow in New York. Any tips on how to make slush look good? Oh wait, that’s right, there’s isn’t any!

Photos by Carin Olsson

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