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Can the Zuvi Halo Hairdryer tame my unruly grey hair? — That’s Not My Age

Can the Zuvi Halo Hairdryer tame my unruly grey hair? — That’s Not My Age


Test-driving the Zuvi Halo Hairdryer


It’s been described as ‘the Tesla of hairdryers’, and using the Zuvi Halo Hairdryer did remind me of my first experience driving a fancy electric vehicle. I have only ever owned one car, a vintage Triumph in the early 1990s; fast-forward to 2021 and obviously the technology had significantly moved on. Test-driving a high-end electric car was a completely different experience to riding around in my old banger. Quite mind-blowing. And, using the Zuvi is a similar affair; a completely different proposition to the basic gadget I’ve been using for the last 20 years. It’s such a dramatic improvement. The Halo Hairdryer uses LightCare technology and 60% less energy.



My variegated grey hair


Quite honestly, my hair feels sleeker and smoother – almost as if a professional hairdresser has given me a blow-dry, or conditioning treatment. The hairdryer has four different settings: care, fast, soft and style. I’m mainly using ‘soft’ and ‘care,’ as I don’t do much in the way of styling (!) The issue I have is that I’ve got variegated hair with attitude. The grey growth is patchy and over the last few years, I have noticed that there is more greyness in the mid-section of my hair, underneath. This behaves differently to the darker strands on top.

Having a different texture, the grey hair doesn’t always lie flat and can be quite unruly. Particularly after blow-drying. This situation is worse in summer and when conditions are hot and humid – but the Zuvi drys at a lower temperature using light energy and warm air. The errant strands are smoothed out and make my hair feel softer, silkier and less fly-away.


The Zuvi Halo Hairdryer comes with three different attachments


This is an expensive product. But different people have different priorities. One of my good friends always spends as much as she can on prescription glasses, she wears them every day and they sit on her face. Why not? If how your hair looks really matters, you will be interested to know that L’Oréal has recently invested in Zuvi and the Halo Hairdryer received a Best of Beauty Award from Allure magazine in 2022. Oh, and I highly recommend it!



Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer is 25% off on their website till the end of May. Use the code thatsnotmyage for an extra 5% off, HERE.

Subscribers, keep an eye on your inbox! Zuvi are generously offering you the opportunity to win one Halo Hairdryer. More details to follow.


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