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Boden sale and clearance – what to buy and why

Boden sale and clearance – what to buy and why

Another of the big sales has begun and as with John Lewis there are some great value buys to be had if you’re quick.  Today I’m taking you through the Boden sale and clearance – what to buy, the great value pieces that will work hard in your wardrobe. Here’s my deep dive into the styles that are worth looking at.


Timeless summer dresses

I have this linen dress in a brighter red from last year’s collection and it’s one that I know I’ll hold onto for a long time. Besides being cool and comfortable on summer days, the thing I love about it is that it isn’t too long and it doesn’t have too much volume which makes it easy to wear on an everyday basis. This soft red will be an easy choice for a lot of people but it’s also available in blue gingham or a flower pattern, all with 40% off. The sandals are in the sale too.

Boden sale and clearance

Smocked linen dress; flat sandals

I’ve pulled this shirtdress out because the deep navy in the print makes it versatile – it will be as easy to wear in winter with tights, boots and a cardigan as it is in summer. Right now it’s good for the cooler days which the forecast tells us will be back with us again this weekend. 50% off in the sale, also available in petite.

Boden sale and clearance

Cotton shirtdress

Everyday easy dresses

I have a specific category in my wardrobe for easy everyday summer dresses. They have to be comfortable to wear, low maintenance and the sort of thing that can adapt from sitting at your desk to pulling a few weeds out at lunchtime. This is the sort of thing I mean, made from tencel it needs minimal ironing and although it’s stretchy, it retains its shape beautifully. Available in various colours and patterns, now 35% off.

Boden sale and clearance

Jersey shirtdressflat sandals

Here’s another one – you know I love these cheesecloth dresses and I have the navy version of this. The fabric means you never seem to feel too hot or too cold and it’s easy care. Also available in petite or long.

Boden sale and clearance

Double cloth dress

If you’re a fan of a lower waist than Boden often do, this is the ‘throw on and forget about it’ dress for you. 50% off in this mandarin orange, lots of others available including pink and bright blue.

Boden sale and clearance

Simple jersey midi; footbed sandals

And here’s the last of my super easy dresses, in double cloth again with gentle tiering. It completely sold out earlier this season but the restock is now in the sale with 40% off in yellow and this lovely bright blue.

Boden sale and clearance

Tiered double cloth dress

Dresses for next season

All of Boden’s winter stock is now in clearance which means this ottoman dress has 60% off in the bright colours such as this orange.

Boden sale and clearance

Ottoman dress

This is what it looked like on me last winter. It’s just been released for AW24 in navy but the clearance colours include green, pink, yellow and a navy and white stripe – starting at £28 they’re an absolute bargain.

ottoman dress

Ottoman dress

And while we’re on the subject of winter dresses, there are a lot in clearance. I’ve pulled this one out because it’s such a great price at 70% off but you’ll have to be quick.

Boden sale and clearance

Knitter sweater dress

I have a few of these midi-skirts and I’ve been wearing them a lot over the cooler days we’ve had recently, they make a good alternative to jeans. This one is now half price and there are lots of great colours in the print so you could wear it with all kinds of tops out in any season.

Boden sale and clearance

Tiered skirt

Boden sale and clearance – what to buy – jackets

Remember this lovely occasion jacket that I pointed out a couple of weeks ago? It’s 35% off and it’s one of those pieces that you’ll be so glad to have on a day when the weather turns bad for a special event. The trousers are in the sale too.

Boden sale great buys

Occasion jacket; trousers

This fabulous linen jacket has 35% off in both petite and regular – it comes up small though so size up. The lemon yellow and patterned versions are in the sale too, as is the waistcoat but there aren’t many sizes left. The trousers are here.

Nikki Garnett, Midlifechic

Linen jacket; waistcoat; trousers

For those of you who like more structure than the average denim jacket gives, this cinches neatly at the waist and gives more coverage to tummy and hips. Now with 30% off.

Boden sale great buys

Ecru denim jacket

And the Holly jacket beloved by so many has a few sizes left in this colourway.

Boden sale great buys

Knitted jacket

I met someone for lunch a little while ago and she was wearing this from the winter collection. It looked really chic with jeans and ballet flats and I couldn’t believe I’d missed it. Anyway it’s now half price in clearance in larger sizes if you’re lucky.

Best buys Boden sale

Cropped textured jacket

Boden sale and clearance – what to buy – tops

I can’t believe this is in the sale – I just bought it last week along with the bright blue one when I was despairing of the sun ever coming out this summer. I know some people don’t like the thinner cotton but I’ve found the new, lighter weight to be great recently. It now has 30% off but stock is running low.

What to buy in the Boden sale

Lightweight summer breton

These knitted linen tees are a good buy too – I suspect people haven’t bought them because they don’t realise they’re linen jersey. They’re also available in red and green with 40% off.

Boden sale

Linen jersey tee

And I know it’s hard to think about cashmere in the week that the sun finally blazes but if you can face it, there are some great buys. There’s 50% off some of the simple cashmere crews like this one…

Cashmere crew

… and the cotton knitwear too – both crew necks and v-necks here.

Cotton jumper

Boden sale and clearance – what to buy – swimwear

There’s a huge clearance going on in swimwear with some of Boden’s most loved lines heavily reduced. It makes me wonder if there’s going to be a big new launch next year. Anyway for those of you with bigger breasts, the wrapover Levanzo range is specifically designed for you. Some colours and patterns have 40% off – matching foldover bottoms here.

Best swimwear for bigger busts

Bikini for fuller busts

If you’re more of a swimsuit person there’s a version for you too with lot of colours heavily reduced – this is half price.

Best swimwear for bigger busts

Fuller bust swimsuit

The style I envy you for is this one – I tried it and really liked it but just didn’t have enough bust to fill the generous cups. It’s available in either regular or long and it now has 35% off

Best swimwear for bigger busts

Halter swimsuit

For those who are less well endowed, the Ithaca range has great bargains – this is half price in both regular and long, some colours are reduced by even more than 50%.

Best swimwear for smaller busts

One piece swimsuit

It’s the same with the bikinis in various colours and patterns – see the full range here.

Best swimwear for smaller busts

Bikini top

And if you have narrow shoulders you’ll look fabulous in the buckled range, the bikini is now half price (swimsuit version here).

Best swimwear for smaller busts

Buckle bikini top; buckle bikini bottoms (also available in blue)

There are just a few more pieces that I want to point out to you, firstly this raffia bag which I’ve used so much to brighten simple outfits over the last few weeks (the cropped trousers are in the sale now too and so are the shoes).

Nikki Garnett Midlifechic

Striped basket

Sunglasses are half price and they always have good sturdy frames as well as UV protection and a soft case.



Last of all I bring you sports leggings (with a pocket!) at half price

Sale leggings with pockets

Sports leggings

And summer pyjamas.

Pyjama shorts; pyjama top

So I’ll leave you to shop – I’ve pulled out the very best offers I can find so stock is limited – you’ll need to crack on if there’s something you like.

Coming up

There won’t be a post on Friday this week because I’m taking the day off. We’re going to the races but only because Madness are playing afterwards, it’s going to be an evening of nostalgia seeing them live. Some of you wondered if I was disappearing for the whole summer after Friday’s post but that isn’t the case. I’ll just be doing shorter Friday catch-ups than usual – ‘midlife latelys’ telling you about what I’ve been doing, wearing and thinking. It’s going to be Midlifechic ‘light’ so we won’t lose touch over the months ahead but it will give me a bit more time to think ahead and hopefully come up with some new plans for the next half of the year. So I’ll be back here on Friday 5th July – which I guess may well be the first day of a new way forward for the UK. We’re living in interesting times. Again!

Disclosure: ‘Boden sale and clearance – what to buy’ was commissioned by Boden but all choices are my own.

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