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Blast from the Past: Would You Still Wear These Today?

Blast from the Past: Would You Still Wear These Today?

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I was thinking (during my dental cleaning today, whee), how I’m always amused to stumble on older pieces that we’ve featured here on Corporette… sometimes they still look good, or I remember liking them. Other times, the styling or the featured piece of clothing is just… fug.

Anyway, I started thinking… it might be fun to share some previously featured pictures with you guys, and discuss — would you wear these items today? If so, how would you style them in 2024? If you’ve replaced these things in your closet, what are you wearing instead of them?

First up, some of the things we featured on June 18 over the years…

In 2014…

woman wears white linen herringbone jacket and skirt, with a dark top beneath the jacket

This “herringbone linen jacket” from J.Crew was our guest poster’s pick for the workwear report (I was out on maternity leave and K from the now defunct blog, “Work That Bump,” was guest posting that week!) — as she noted at the time:

 I think it would look particularly nice with a cobalt blue skirt (channeling Kat today) and some black pumps. There’s also a matching skirt if you want to make a suit of it.

OK, I’m dying laughing over the cobalt comment. She’s not wrong, though…

As for the jacket… even though we’re in prime “lady jacket” season, something about the jacket feels not great to me. The odd cuff length? the black and white edging details? I don’t think it looks dated, but it’s also doesn’t really look current, either.

What We’d Recommend Instead Today:

Some of our latest favorite Chanel-style jackets for work in 2024 include these, but in general check brands like Chanel, St. John, IRO, L’Agence, Sandro, ba&sh, and J.Crew. On the budget side of things, check out Mango and White House Black Market.

In 2012…

woman wears fitted houndstooth blazer with long-sleeved white top beneath and skinny pants

This houndstooth blazer was from Smythe, and although things aren’t quite so shrunken anymore, I could still see this being relevant. The white top below it looks a bit odd though to my modern sensibilities… I think the same blazer could be really cute styled with wide leg pants and a bodysuit or fitted t-shirt.

What We’d Recommend Instead Today:

In 2011…

woman wears beige dress with black ornate details at the top; the dress is elasticized at the waist

The sandals and the dress definitely seem to be of an age, don’t they? It’s an interesting question whether, if someone found this Gap dress in a thrift shop in mint condition, whether they’d eagerly snatch it up.

I’ve never been a beige girl, and the black neck detail isn’t really my taste, so I’d pass, but… what say you, readers?

For slightly more detail (I forgot to read my own description, ha) — this was a Gap collaboration with “the finalists of the 2008 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, designers Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai of Vena Cava,” and was $88 back in the day. It seems like the brand Vena Cava was sold a year or two after this and the designers went their separate ways.

Mayock is still a member of the CFDA but now has an interior design brand. Meanwhile, Buhai has her own line of jewelry, which looks lovely.

What We’d Recommend Instead Today

If you want an easy summer dress, I’d go for one with pockets… some of our latest favorites include these options:

As of 2024, some of the best work dresses with pockets include M.M.LaFleur, J.Crew, Lands’ End, Elie Tahari, and Boden… Some of our latest favorites are below! If you’re on a budget, Quince has a great basic, this business casual Amazon dress has pockets, and Amazon seller VFShow has a number of dresses with pockets! Both Amazon and Etsy make it pretty easy to find dresses with pockets, as well.

In 2008…

I’m 90% sure this blouse was either Brooks Brothers or Thomas Pink. I still do like a pinstriped blouse, but I think the sleeves/cuffs make it look a bit dated, as well as the pale pink manicure. I do like the double-collar look (or a white edging, perhaps)? I’m a bit surprised to see that there were buttons; back in the day I thought I should be collecting cufflinks.

What We’d Recommend Instead Today

Crisp, collared blouses are a classic… these are some of the options readers have sung the praises of over the years.

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