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Black Shorts Styled 5 Ways

Black Shorts Styled 5 Ways

We all know that a great pair of black shorts is a wardrobe essential. But the real fun is in the styling! Here are five versatile tops to wear with your black shorts.

I purchased these Spanx shorts when they were having a sale. They’re pricey, but I love the A-line style. They also pull on without a zipper or button and have hidden core shaping technology. If you prefer a longer length, these are a cute option.

Khaki Short Sleeve Sweater

I’ve worn this sweater a lot; it goes with black, white, denim, etc.

Khaki Short Sleeve Sweater (small) | Spanx Shorts (small) | Sandals | Earrings (similar option here) | Coin Necklace | Necklace

White Cap Sleeve Sweater

I love this cap sleeve sweater. It comes in several colors and looks cute with a skort too!

White Cap Sleeve Sweater (small) | Spanx Shorts (small) | Sandals | Earrings | Necklace

Black Striped Top

I shared this top in the pink color, and I liked it so much I ordered this color. If you’re looking for a top with sleeves, this is a great option,

Black Striped Top (small) | Black Shorts (small) | Sandals | Earrings

Striped Vest

Vests are trending this year, and this one works great with shorts. If you prefer, you can add a short-sleeved top under the vest.

Stiped Vest (small) | Spanx Shorts (small) | Sandals | Earrings | Heart Necklace | Necklace

Pinstripe Blouse

This top is from Gibsonlook and I can’t find it online. I linked a similar option.

Pinstripe Blouse (similar option here) | Spanx Shorts (small) | Sandals | Earrings (similar option here)

With these five versatile tops, you can create endless outfit combinations with just one pair of black shorts.

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