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Bite Studios Resort 2025 Collection

Bite Studios Resort 2025 Collection

Evolving within self-set limits is the name of the game at BITE Studios. The new resort collection shows that headway is being made on the materials front. Cofounder William Lundgren reported that 99% of the textiles used for this collection are organic or certified, thus living up to the promise of the brand name, BITE being an acronym for By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress. Aesthetically, too, Lundgren, Veronika Kant, and team continue to explore how to add a little frill—and thrill—to a minimal wardrobe.

BITE’s pretty peplum remains in the offering, and has been spun out from flower into flamenco-adjacent territory; denim Capri pants with ruffled hems are unexpected here. Flirty shirts with asymmetric rippling hems are shown with the knits, some in Mongolian cashmere. These are slightly fitted to emphasize the figure.

“We were really feeling a combination of coziness and ease,” noted Kant. The team did a good job carrying that over into dressy, but not fussy, evening options. The LBD is updated in black and white organza opening into floaty panels at the hem. BITE offers a cream-and-white take on a smoking-style look, and, in black, a shaped tunic and trousers. A-line shapes, some a bit stiff, appear several times throughout the collection, including on a hero piece, a black coat with unexpected ruffles and a matching-button-on shawl that can be styled different ways.

Nothing feels heavy in this collection. One of the ways lightness is expressed is through the use of transparencies, as in a white-on-white set. The pleating used on the sheer shirt is also applied on the legs of khaki pants, which are a welcome alternative to the omnipresent cargo pants.

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