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Best White Tank Top For Women (2024 Update)

Best White Tank Top For Women (2024 Update)

My quest for the best white tank top for women has been years in the making. For me, the answer is clear!

Best White Tank Top for Women - Agolde

If I had to pick only one top to wear all summer long, hands down it would be a white tank top. (If I could pick two, I would add a black tank top.)

Sadly most just don’t measure up. Often they are thin, see-through, not bra friendly, too short, etc.

I’ve tried them all over the years (at every price point). My favorite is the one I will replace whenever needed, and luckily, there are two different cuts, depending on your style.

And yes, I own both.

What makes Agolde tank tops different / better?

1. Perfect amount of stretch (and doesn’t stretch out with wear).

2. Perfect thickness. This is a RARITY. It’s not too thick nor too thin.

3. Perfect length, even for those of us with long torsos.

4. Has never shrunk.

5. Super flattering cut.

6. Bright white (I like my tanks to be true white, not offwhite or “dirty” white).

7. Sizing is TTS – I typically wear these in my true size of medium, though I did size up to large for the cropped version because I purposely wanted it looser, longer, and more chill.

Agolde Poppy Tank Top

At Nordstrom (5 colors) | At Revolve (6 colors)

First up is the most traditional style. It’s also the most bra friendly. Truly, this is the one I’ll be wearing all summer long with zero thought.

At Shopbop (2 colors) | At Revolve (7 colors)

What I love about a good white tank top is that you can throw it on with absolutely any bottoms and it looks good. Add a button down shirt, and you are ready for anything. It’s just so easy.

Again, I wear this style in my TTS medium and it’s a perfect fit.

I should mention these also come in a cropped version. I just received it in black. Because I have a ridiculously long torso, I sized up to large for extra length but also to be a little loose and chill. It’s perfect with high waist bottoms!

Agolde Poppy Cropped Tank

At Shopbop (2 colors) | At Revolve (3 colors)

Agolde Bailey Tank

At Shopbop (2 colors) | At Revolve (7 colors)

I’ve owned the Agolde Bailey in a few colors over the years, but I always come back to white (and of course, black, duh!)

The Bailey describes itself as a scoop armhole tank. Higher than the Poppy neckline but not quite high enough to be called crew. Also cut-in at the armholes, making it a little less bra friendly (more on that in a second).

The Bailey is what I would call a bit more modern, but also slightly more revealing with more skin showing at the underarm.

It is harder to wear a traditional bra with the Agolde Bailey. My solution? I either wear Cakes or a racerback bra (or convert my regular bra with this handy piece from Amazon). This won’t work with all bras, but if it’s a narrower bra, you will probably have good luck. When it comes to white tanks, I prefer wearing nude bras and undergarments as I like a seamless look.

Bailey runs pretty TTS as well – medium is my normal size.

x Tammy

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