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Beach Destination in the Off-Season? Start with Art – High Yellow by Ellsworth Kelly

February 14, 2024

It Won’t Be Warm Enough to Swim…

It’s normally a place that one thinks of visiting in the absolute dead of hot weather… so they’re going now!

And while they won’t be able to swim, the weather will still be MUCH warmer than what they’re used to – sunny days, breezy nights. Sandals and even shorts will be comfortable, so long as the wise woman has a sweater or long-sleeved top close at hand…

Thus, she’s going to wear white! Her legs look great in white shorts – at least she believe them to be lovely. And she so longs for the bright, crisp freshness of white, after a long winter of black wool…

Sky. Sun. Green plants. Her accent colors are so obvious!

They will dine out – nothing over the top, but still nice, and romantic. They will hold hands a lot…

She knows, just by looking in her bag, that she will be able to get dressed without even really thinking; that appeals to her – she’s ready to just feel for a few days, and leave the thinking to her “real” life.

Maybe, by the time they get home, there will be crocuses peeping up in the garden?



p.s. Ten years ago, I was plotting a warmer weather wardrobe with a range of accent colors – nothing as bright as today’s post, but still pretty useful!

Beach Destination in the Off-Season Start with Art - High Yellow by Ellsworth Kelly

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