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Are You REALLY Committed to an Accent Color? Start with Art – White Herons and Willow by Ohara Koson

February 7, 2024

Her name is Lily…

And aptly enough, she’s always really loved green, and beautiful paintings that feature lots of green.

So when it came time to really update her spring wardrobe, she had an inspiration:

Why NOT really invest in some green things, and wear them often? It’s not an approach that suits everyone, but when she thinks of it (and factors in her soft, muted green eyes), it seems a good idea!

So she starts with a lovely neutral ivory. Or ecru. Or bone. Of off-white. She has to be flexible when looking for these colors…

Oh what fun!

She quickly realizes that it might be too early in the season to find a lot of bright, leafy green… but then she stumbles onto the absolute MOTHERLODE of soft, gentle, muted green… they call it “lily pad.”

When this is all assembled together – in a suitcase? in her armoire? – it looks warm, and spring-like, and VERY easy to wear…

She start playing around with outfits, and finds quite enough possibilities to keep her happy until the weather turns beastly hot…

When she share her happy new spring wardrobe with a friend, they realize that this idea might work with a range of accent colors….



p.s. Ten years ago, we discussed what one might do with a navy suit, when their suit-wearing days are behind them (like the day after you’re hired and don’t have to dress for interviews!).

Are You REALLY Committed to an Accent Color Start with Art - White Herons and Willow by Ohara Koson

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