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Are You Just Now Adding Accent Colors? Start With a Scarf – The Helena Christensen Silk Scarf by Echo

Are You Just Now Adding Accent Colors? Start With a Scarf – The Helena Christensen Silk Scarf by Echo

May 22, 2024

She’s never worn accent colors – there are a ton of neutrals, and she’s always been just fine with them!

But she saw this scarf…

scarf – Echo

Immediately, she saw colors that she loves. It’s not that she’s never liked accent colors, but until now, none of them really felt like her. Who are we to question?

scarf – Echo

Her Common Wardrobe is migrating slowly toward spring – a black top with ruffled sleeves is about as racy as she’s ever really gone! But she does have summer tops and a pair of shorts, so she’s off to a good start:

Then one day, she decided to just jump in and shop! She’s still not made the move to wearing earrings – THAT feels like too much a change… (yes, I have two friends who NEVER wear earrings – but then I also have a friend who wear at least six…)

And the green top? She just couldn’t resist it. Sometimes, it’s just that simple – our first instincts are often flawless.

When she gets home and assembles her spring wardrobe, this is what she has – she’s feeling a bit quivery about wearing the colors, but she’s ready for a big update!

Here are a few outfits that jump off the bed in her eyes – I’m not sure quite how many total possibilities there are – dozens?

She’s not at all sure that she will ever find something in that bright chartreuse that she’s eager to wear. And that’s fine.

Do you know anyone who wears mostly neutrals? Well, you know me, and I wear black, white and grey ALL SUMMER. I honestly don’t think I have a thing in any true “color color” for hot weather…

Is that weird?



p.s. Ten years ago, I assembled some outfits inspired by the colors in the painting “Paris Street: Rainy Day” by Gustave Caillebotte. The most interesting thing I still take from this is that it’s really two adjacent paintings…

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