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A discussion of style over 60

style over 60

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Welcome to a mid-week discussion of style over 60.

Before, we discuss style over 60, I must thank my significant other, Mr. B, for the beautiful flowers!

Instead of turning to street style today, I decided to share with you a style over 60 presentation and see what you thought.

I never think about my age when I dress each day.

Most of you know that I dress with style adjectives…what do I want to say about me with my outfits each day.

My personal style adjectives are polished, approachable, creative, joyful, and current.

I believe this is a much better way to style me than a one word description…rather by controlling messaging…I think through, what am I telling the world about me?

Recently, I saw an interview with Trinny, a woman I know several of you enjoy, and it was on style over 60.

So, let’s look at it and then discuss the content…..


Let’s focus on Trinny and her models.  Trinny is about to turn 60.

  1. What do you think of the outfits the models are wearing?
  2. For each model, what do you believe that outfit says about the woman? What adjectives would you use to describe the looks?
  3. Would you wear anything here…please share why?

For those of you in your sixties and above, please describe the outfit you wear which gives you the most confidence.

style over 60

style over 60



style over 60

style over 60

I believe these outfits are good examples of me…Pamela-style.

I think they speak my adjectives and reflect the creative spirit I look for in my wardrobe….yet, they are not over the top.

I hope discussions about style over 60 will help all of us in building a wardrobe of outfits which evoke confidence.


style over 60

Mr. B and I went out last night…more about that tomorrow.

Last weekend, I gave the grandchildren their Valentines.  My granddaughter loved the addition of three little silver hearts to her charm bracelet…which she was wearing for church.

Thanks to James Avery Artisan Jewelry for gifts that a personal to the recipient.  

style over 60

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I will talk about makeup tomorrow, and Monday’s Post was the skincare discussion.

Does anyone have special Valentine’s Day plans tonight?  Would love to hear…..

Thank you so much for joining in the discussion about style over 60 today…I look forward to reading your comments on the Trinny interview…..until then…


By Pamela Lutrell

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style over 60


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