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6 Things To Wear Over 60

How many times have you run across a list of things we should never wear over 60 that has been written by a person in their 30s? Too many times for my comfort level because, at 67, I’ve lived long enough to know what works for me. It feels like the older we get, the more we’re dictated to, but I believe we should wear what makes us feel confident. Today, I’m sharing six things I’ve chosen to wear over 60 because they help me look and feel my best. No rules are involved! You may find some of these work for you, too.

We have lots of new readers lately, so I thought I would update this popular post for 2024 with some new thoughts.

6 Things to Wear Over 60

Wear What Fits Your Current Body Shape


Your body deserves to be treated with love and respect, regardless of its size or shape. Fluctuating weight is a common fact of life for most women over 60, but don’t let it negatively impact how you feel about yourself. Dressing for your current weight is a form of self-care and self-respect.

Buy and wear clothes that fit you right now. You deserve better than to squeeze yourself into things that fit 15, 10, or even 5 pounds ago. Tight clothes also make you look larger than you are, and no one needs that.

If you plan or hope to lose weight in the near future, buy a few quality basics that fit you now. They’ll bolster your confidence and help motivate you on your journey to healthy eating and weight. If you adore clothes that don’t fit you right now, move them to another closet so you don’t see them each morning.

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Wear an Updated Haircut

Whether you’ve chosen to go gray or not, your hairstyle has a huge impact on your appearance. A stale haircut that dates you isn’t serving you well. If your hair texture performs best in a bob, tweak it to look more modern. Have the back stacked to a graduated bob, or try adding some wisps in front or side-swept bangs.

If you love a short haircut, try adding some gel for added texture with a piecey look or to get an extra lift on top. Small changes can make your hairstyle look more current, so investigate your options and experiment with new products.

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Here’s how I style mine to add volume-

Wear A Supportive Bra

Few of us escape menopause without changes to the shape of our bodies. Things shift and usually drop. I’m looking at you, droopy knees…but the biggest drop can happen to our bustline. I’m not well endowed, so I can wear bras without an underwire, but I still need the support and lift I get from a well-structured bra.


Most women are wearing the wrong size bra, but over 60, it’s more common. By our age, our breasts have lost or gained volume and are not usually as high as they used to be. Small fluctuations in weight will affect how supportive our bra is, plus breast tissue loses firmness as we age. Wearing a supportive bra that keeps things in the proper place also improves how we look in our clothes.

Visit the lingerie section of a large department or specialty store and get a professional bra fitting each year. This ensures you’re wearing the proper bra for your current body. I always suggest owning bras in ‘nude’, which will be invisible under your clothes.

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Wear Body Moisturizer

By 60, our skin isn’t producing the same amount of collagen and natural oils as our younger skin. To counteract that, I find it invaluable to slather a good-quality moisturizer all over my body when I’m fresh out of the shower.


Formulas that contain squalane, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and lactic acid are some of the best for moisturizing aging skin. I also reapply to my legs and arms each night, which may seem like overkill, but the extra effort makes a world of difference.

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Wear Updated Jewelry In Midlife

Jewelry goes in and out of style. One year, bold jewelry is in, and the next, it’s out. The way we choose to add accessories should come down to personal preference but stay abreast of what’s current so you look up-to-date. A classic strand of pearls, worn alone, can look dated on women over 60. Try supersized costume pearls for a fun twist that makes a statement.

Earrings draw attention to your face, so have fun with these. Unique bracelets or brooches update your outfits with little financial investment. Here is where you can play with trends and get lots of bang for your buck. And in case you haven’t heard, brooches are back in a big way, so pull yours out and have fun with them.

Wear Sunscreen Over 60

It’s never too late to protect your skin. Yes, most of the damage and skin cancer we’re dealing with now was caused by a lack of care in our youth. That doesn’t mean we should expose it to more assault now. Our skin is thinner and more fragile over 60, so it needs even more protection from the sun. Age spots on the back of our hands are from sun damage, so remember to protect them as well.

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What would you add to this list that you’re embracing over 60?

More style tips here.

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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