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6 Chic Blazer Outfits to Wear to Work • budget FASHIONISTA

6 Chic Blazer Outfits to Wear to Work • budget FASHIONISTA

The daily grind of corporate life can be a style-killer. Your priority is doing the job, and it may not leave you much energy for creative outfit-making. And so, you stick with the go-to combinations on repeat. Shell dress and pumps. Pencil skirt and blouse. Ankle pants and loafers.

You can break that cycle and give yourself a professional style boost with one versatile piece: the blazer. Blazers transcend trends; they are classically cool. They come in many different styles and provide nearly endless outfit inspiration. Even better, you can find a nice range of blazers at your favorite budget stores, from Target to ASOS.

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If you’re looking to up your style game at work, incorporating a blazer as your signature piece could be the answer. To help you on that journey, let’s dive into blazer style. We’ll start with a rundown of blazer types and finish with six fabulous blazer outfits you can wear to work.

Blazer types

You already know blazers come in all sorts of fabrics, colors and patterns, ranging from ultra-casual to crisply conservative. Let’s put some names on the various blazer styles, which will make shopping online much easier.

One-button blazer

Single-button blazers tend to be crisp and chic. They often have notched collars and front pockets. Some have a patterned lining on the inside, meant to be shown off when the cuffs are rolled.

For work, opt for a single-button blazer that falls just below the hip and features clean, straight lines. You can wear it unbuttoned over a collared shirt or buttoned over a shell top or mock turtleneck.

Two-button blazer

The two-button blazer is more formal and traditional than the one-button style. A two-button jacket closes up higher on the shirt, which may provide a better fit on smaller-chested women than curvy ladies.

You can wear a two-button blazer in the same ways you can wear its one-buttoned counterpart. Your preference for one style over the other likely comes down to fit. Either works for career-wear, though the two-button style might have an edge in very conservative offices.

Peplum blazer

Peplum blazers have a flared ruffle at the waist. This detail creates an hourglass silhouette, which is flattering on most body types. You may not like the look if you have larger hips, since the peplum style will add volume in that area.

Peplum blazers are more casual and feminine than straight-cut blazers. As such, the peplum blazer often may not be appropriate if you work in a bank or legal office.

In more casual settings, you can wear peplum blazers with dark-wash jeans or ankle pants plus a sleek top.

Waterfall blazer

Waterfall blazers feature a flowing, draping collar. They’re often made of lightweight fabrics which gives the jacket a fluid feel. This style lacks the crisp, tailored nature of the traditional blazer. Like the peplum style, a waterfall blazer is more casual — which may or may not fit in your office setting.

Because the waterfall style has some volume, you’d pair it with sleek, structured pieces for balance. Think tailored trousers, fitted tops, and belts.

Softshell blazer

A softshell blazer often has a notched collar and a one- or two-button closure. But rather than a crisp, lined fabric, the softshell piece is made of stretchy, woven fabric with no lining. It has the feel of a zip-up hoodie combined with the shape of a blazer. This style often features gathered sleeves that sit at three-quarter length.

This is another casual interpretation of the blazer style. It’s a nice piece for business-casual offices, because it delivers professionalism without being overly stuffy.

Wear the softshell blazer as a cardigan. It can pair with collared shirts that aren’t too formal or fun, patterned shell tops. Jeans, ponte pants or ankle pants can finish the look.

Blazer outfits to wear to work

Now let’s talk about specific blazer outfits you can wear to work. Below are six options, ranging from conservative to casual.

Note that the images included below are AI-created. I’ve been experimenting with AI images because it’s very difficult to find images of the exact outfits I want to show, let alone on mature women.

Blazer as matching separate

Woman wearing blazer and matching pants in an office.
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In conservative offices, you can’t go wrong pairing a structured gray or black blazer with matching trousers and a white collared shirt. This look is as powerful as the women’s suit. Loafers and a nice belt make the perfect accessories here.

Peplum blazer and pencil skirt

Red-headed woman wearing peplum blazer with pencil skirt.
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While the peplum blazer is often on the casual side of the spectrum, it can be part of a very professional outfit. Match the peplum blazer with a pencil skirt, for example, for a look I’d describe as upgraded business casual.

Blazer over a shell dress

Woman wearing blazer over neutral-toned dress.
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Slipping a blazer on over your go-to shell dress is an easy outfit update. Co-workers may not even recognize the dress with the addition of the blazer. You need only make sure the colors coordinate.  

Blazer with turtleneck and black pants

Woman wearing olive green blazer over white turtleneck with jeans.
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If you prefer a sleeker office style, try pairing a colored blazer with a turtleneck and black pants. Keep the blazer buttoned for a touch of formality or go unbuttoned if your work environment is more casual. Anchor the look with ankle boots.

Softshell blazer and dark-wash jeans

Woman wearing softshell blazer in light blue over t-shirt and jeans.
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Yes, you can wear jeans and a t-shirt to work — as long as you slip a softshell blazer over the top. Don’t forget the belt here. For shoes, try ankle boots or heeled mules.

Check blazer and jeans

Woman wearing red checked blazer with white t-shirt and jeans.
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A patterned blazer is a fun addition to your casual workday collection. Try a checked piece paired with a soft boatneck top and your best midrise jeans.

The blazer at work

When you’re stuck in a work-style rut, remember the blazer. It’s a versatile star in the wardrobe galaxy, ready to elevate your office attire from mundane to magnificent. From the sharp lines of a two-button blazer for a big presentation or the casual flair of a softshell for laid-back Fridays, there’s a blazer fit for every day and every office environment.

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