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2024 in and Out Wedding Trends That You Need to Know

Weddings in 2024 are set to be filled with new and exciting trends, as well as the letting go of some outdated traditions. Australian brides and grooms are moving towards creating more personalised and meaningful celebrations that reflect their styles and values.

If you’re planning a wedding in 2024, these are the key trends you need to know about that are in and out!

In: Industrial and Rustic Venues

Exposed brick, weathered wood, and an industrial edge are hugely popular aesthetic choices in 2024. Australian couples love the character and visual interest of these spaces – old barns, city lofts, and converted warehouses.

The venues speak to their creative personalities while providing an authentic, stylish backdrop that’s effortlessly Instagrammable. Check out this wedding venue in Brisbane for inspiration.

In: Greenery Decor

Lush, vibrant greenery is having a major moment and will continue to dominate wedding decor next year. From leafy centrepieces to wreaths lining the ceremony aisles, couples are infusing tones of green everywhere to create a modern garden vibe. The greenery trend allows for customisation as well, with couples able to choose flowers, foliage and arrangements based on their unique taste.

In: Specialty Cocktails

Signature cocktails are still going strong for 2024 weddings in Australia. Offering unique libations is a thoughtful way to set the tone and theme. Couples today are getting super creative, often naming their cocktails after popular songs, special moments or inside jokes. Having a specialty cocktail is an unexpected detail guests always appreciate. 

In: Live Music Performances

Live music creates an ultra-festive vibe and allows the couple to personalise their day with songs that are meaningful to them. 2024 will see more Australian couples hiring specialty musicians like steel drum bands, jazz trios and even rock violinists. These lively acts keep guests entertained and bring infectious energy to every moment. 

In: Interactive Food Stations

Food stations that get guests involved are replacing traditional plated dinners next year. From custom noodle bars to build-your-own taco corners, couples want to create interactive experiences people will remember. These personalised stations align perfectly with 2024’s emphasis on one-of-a-kind details. 

In: Interactive Food Stations

In: Surprise Performances

Another hot trend for 2024 weddings is keeping secret performances under wraps. Then, couples can surprise and delight their guests during the reception with a flash mob, lip sync battle or impromptu dance number! It adds a true “wow” moment that gets everyone involved in the celebration.

In: Weekday Weddings

As weekends book up quickly and costs continue rising, more Australian couples are choosing to get married on Thursdays or other weekday dates in 2024. The savings allow them to invest more into distinctive details. Creative timing also means more venue availability and vendor flexibility.

Out: Cookie-Cutter Weddings

As you may have guessed, ultra-personalisation is the name of the game in 2024, meaning cookie-cutter weddings that follow tradition to a T are out. Australian couples want to infuse far more personality into every aspect of their celebration next year. Details will speak to their style, values and cultural backgrounds. Out are stereotypical weddings that seem done before.

Out: Large Bridal Parties

The days of brides having 10-plus bridesmaids and grooms with huge groups of groomsmen are fading away. Couples in 2024 prefer smaller bridal parties made up of only their very nearest and dearest. Streamlining means more personalised attention on their VIPs. Out are giant bridal squad photos crowding the altar!

Out: Long-Winded Speeches

Also getting the boot are marathon wedding speeches that drag on. In 2024, couples are kindly asking wedding party speakers and parents to keep it short and sweet. The focused speeches keep the celebration moving and special. Plus, shorter speech time means there’s more time to dance!

2024 is shaping up to be a gorgeous year of weddings filled with fresh new details and meaningful moments. Couples are focused on creating inspired celebrations that speak to who they are. By customising the decor, food, and entertainment, next year’s weddings will feel exciting, current and anything but cookie-cutter.

Out are stale traditions, and in are lively experiences where guests feel connected to the couple. If you’re planning a 2024 wedding, embrace the personality-packed joy this upcoming year promises.

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