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2024 Fashion Trends: Merlot | Over 50 Feeling 40

2024 fashion trends

Happy last Saturday of January 2024!  Today we look at 2024 Fashion Trends:  Merlot.

This is the third post on the 2024 fashion trends which I have been learning of in traditional fashion magazines.

The first of the 2024 fashion trends was WINDOWPANE PLAID, and the second was LIGHT WASH DENIM.

There are many trend colors for 2024, but today the first one I have witnessed in stores is MERLOT….that was the color the magazine highlighted.

However, it comes with many names….bordeaux, dark cherry, burgundy, chianti, fresh syrah, oxblood….to name just a few….reach for the wine later!

Personally, I have always referred to it as burgundy or maroon.

Please tell us if you have a different name for this shade of color.

But, let’s talk about merlot as  one of the 2024 fashion trends.


2024 fashion trends

As I said, once I knew that merlot was one of the 2024 fashion trends, I have seen it in many places for merchandising displays.

This was at the front of our neighborhood Nordstrom Rack when I was there last week.

Just by observation, many merlot pieces are currently on sale.  Which makes me wonder if this is a 2024 fashion trend for early in the year?

Perhaps these trend colors evolve through the seasons.  

But there are some lovely items on the market in this color.  For example, accessories:

And for clothing:

2024 Fashion Trends

This display was on Instagram, and it Is a boutique in Italy.  The account is martinelli.roma.

Again, when we something is declared an official trend in fashion world, it shows up everywhere.

This Is one of those colors that have many different shades associated with it…some go more red and some do not.

However, for those who like to stay current….if you have burgundy in your wardrobe…pull it out!

You will immediately be among the 2024 fashion trends.  It does help us to look youthful and engaged.


2024 fashion trends

As new collections hit the racks, we begin to see how some of the 2024 fashion trends will play out.

Here are some new collections you may want to be aware of:

Frank & Eileen Italian Sophisticated Sweatpants

Athleta New Neutrals

VIVAIA Slide-in Sneakers made with Sugar Cane

Tuckernuck Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Collection

Ann Taylor Mariner Inspired

Chico’s New Spring Arrivals

Talbot’s New Arrivals

JCP Matching Sweat Sets

Eileen Fisher New Arrivals

I did not see any merlot here in any of these collections…another reason I think this may just be Winter 2024 Fashion Trends…but I will watch it.

Personally, I do wear the color often because it is in my color palette. 

Let me know…do you enjoy learning of these 2024 fashion trends…have you found this to be helpful?? As always, I like to hear from you!

Now, go forth and……………………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

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I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

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2024 fashion trends

I hope to see you tomorrow…bring your own cup of JOY


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