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18 Best St Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas For Girls

18 Best St Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas For Girls

Everybody’s favorite Irish holiday is soon to roll around and chances are, you are already thinking of what to wear! From green hats, leprechauns, and four-leaf clovers, St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday today that dates all the way back to the 1600s when people would wear shamrocks and green ribbons to honor the Irish patron saint.

People originally wore green for two reasons: for the green stripe on the Irish flag and also because of Ireland’s nickname, which is the ‘Emerald Isle.’ Since then, the fun tradition of wearing green continued due to the popular belief that wearing green would make you invisible to leprechauns!

DO’s, Dont’s & Styling Tips

  • Do research the history of the Day. Not only is it an Irish holiday but for many Irish people, it’s also a religious one. As with the celebration of any holiday, knowing the symbolism and traditions associated with the festivities helps you determine what is appropriate to partake in, which definitely has an impact on what you wear!
  • Do figure out your plans and goals. Are you getting all dressed up with the kids? Are you headed to a friend’s bash where you know everyone will be rocking green face paint and wigs? Are you hitting up the local parade?
    If you want to go all out, then have at it! It’s a once-a-year opportunity to have a (green) ball. However, if you are just looking for some cute, stylish outfits for a lowkey day, then this is the article for you.
  • Do wear green if you are a casual celebrant of the holiday, as this is the most traditional and appropriate option. (Plus, it’ll keep you from getting pinched!)
  • Don’t overdo the green. This should be obvious, but unless you are planning on going ALL OUT (we’re talking head-to-toe leprechaun costume) be smart about how you work some green into your look. If your goal is simply to have a cute St. Paddy’s Day outfit, then keep the green understated.
st patricks day outfits
  • Don’t overdo the accessories or slogans. Stay away from the oversized Guinness hats or the ‘Kiss Me, I’m Irish’ logos (unless you are, in fact, Irish and don’t mind kisses) and focus on a few, cute pieces that give a nod to the holiday without sacrificing style and elegance.

What To Wear On St. Patrick’s Day?

18 – Monogrammed Tees

Monogrammed tees are not just easily but they help celebrate the true St. Patrick’s Day spirit. Pair them with jeans, tights, or even skirts for a vintage look.

what to wear on st patrick day
what to wear on st patrick day

17 – Navy & Green

Here’s a St. Patrick’s Day outfit that you can wear any time of the year.

St Patrick’s Day Outfits

16. Super Feminine, Floral Outfit with Flower Crown

Originally, leprechauns were said to have worn red suits before the color officially changed to green, sometime in the 20th century.

Their outfits also had accents of gold. Knowing this, you can incorporate those three colors into your look for a super subtle way of giving a nod to the fairies of old!

This uber-feminine and beautiful option pays homage to the spirit of the holiday in the cleverest way by pairing a green, floral dress with a red and pink flower crown and red and gold heels. This outfit is great for a dinner party or an elegant gathering with friends.


15. Polka Dot Sweater and Floaty Pink Skirt

For a sophisticated look, try this pairing of a green, three-quarter length top with black polka dots and a bright pink skirt.

14. Green Maxi Dress and Clutch

13. White Top and Green Wide-Legged Pants

Green and white is a lovely combination and we love the white platform heels as well. (Pro tip: switch out the heels for a smaller pair or even flats for wrangling kiddos!) Also worthy of note is the beaded green bracelet which just helps tie the look together and bring a bit more of the holiday color to the ensemble!

Here are some more ideas on How to Wear White Wide Legged Pants.

12. Blues, Greens, and Gold

11. What to Wear to Work ?

Working on a holiday is no fun, so bring the holiday to work with you! We love this classic workwear ensemble that pairs a green coat (so festive!) with a neutral top, a green-accented scarf, and jeans. Even the green-tinted Aviator sunglasses help to bring a bit of the spicy spirit to the outfit.

10. Bold Green Sweater with Navy Blue Capris

9. Celebrity-Inspired

For a lunch party or a St. Paddy’s-inspired happy hour, this adorable and chic outfit is great for celebrating the holiday in style! Take a page from Lauren Conrad’s book and pair a satiny green blouse with some black high-waisted shorts and a little white blazer. Gold or metallic heels would pair great with this ensemble; even patent leather pumps would make for a good option. Accessorize with some simple stacked necklaces and opt for a bubble-gum pink shade of lipstick.

8. For Women Over 40

7. Matching Green Blazer with Heels

outfit ideas for St. Patrick Day (1)

6. Party Wear with Skirt

outfit ideas for St. Patrick Day (2)

5. Long Green Coat

outfit ideas for St. Patrick Day (3)

4. Shoes To Wear – Blue and Gold Color is the Perfect Choice with Green Outfit

outfit ideas for St. Patrick Day (4)
outfit ideas for St. Patrick Day (5)

3. Preppy Style

outfit ideas for St. Patrick Day (6)

2. Parade-Day

Our final look is a great option if you plan on braving the cold to watch the parade in person! Complete with parade-approved shoes, a fleece vest, and a long-sleeved green sweater, this is how you can celebrate in style while also staying warm and keeping with the spirit of the day!

outfit ideas for St. Patrick Day (7)

1 – Go For Statement Jewelry

It’s not too hard to get your hands on some unique Patrick day Day-themed jewellery that you can rock on this special day. These eye-catching earrings for example can be bought here for just $10.99.

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