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17 Skims Dupes That Are Dead Ringers for the Real Thing

17 Skims Dupes That Are Dead Ringers for the Real Thing

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Kim Kardashian’s Skims brand is super popular and a huge influence on the loungewear trends we’re seeing today.

However, Skims can be pricey, and pieces are often sold out, so you may be looking for the perfect Skims dupes you can add to your wardrobe!

To help you in your search, I have put together a list of 17 different Skims dupes that closely resemble or are better than the real thing. Read on to get the look for less.

1. Mid-Thigh Onesie

Onesies (also known as rompers) are a staple at Skims, known for their sleek fit and stylish vibe. If you’re searching for an adorable romper to spice up your wardrobe, you’re in luck!

This romper mirrors the Skims style with its snug fit and classic gray fabric, offering a trendy option without breaking the bank.

What I love about this romper is that you could totally wear it for loungewear or even as an everyday look while you are running errands.

2. T-Shirt Bodysuit

Skims is also known for its bodysuits, which are smoothing and shaping.

The Skims Fits Everybody fabric makeup is 79% polyamide/21% spandex, and I’ve found a super similar bodysuit dupe with a fabric mix of 75% polyamide and 25% spandex.

The brand PUMIEY on Amazon (check out their full store here) makes products that reviewers say are “better than Skims.”

This t-shirt bodysuit is double-lined, super stretchy, and comfy, and it comes in lots of Skims-like shades.

3. Long Slip Dress

You may have also seen that Skims has come out with stunning maxi dresses similar to this one!

This would be a great clothing piece to add to your wardrobe to wear as an everyday look or even for a special occasion.

Just add some accessories to this affordable dress, and you could totally wear it for fancier occasions! And what’s great is that, like Skims, you can purchase this dress in a bunch of different colors.

4. Long-Sleeve Crop Henley & Shorts

Skims is known for its cute long-sleeved crop henley tops that match boy shorts. These can be worn as lounge sets or separately.

While the Skims pieces are sold separately, this set from Amazon comes with both the long-sleeve Henley and boy shorts, so you’re getting a matching set for less than the price of one Skims piece!

So, this would be a great set to add to your wardrobe if you are looking for some really comfy loungewear or even sleepwear.

5. Slim Fit Long Sleeve Crop Top

You might also be interested in finding the perfect fitted crop tops similar to those sold by Skims! If so, then I recommend checking out this slim-fit long-sleeve crop top.

Not only is this crop top fitted in a way that resembles Skims, but it also is made from a material that will resemble the look and feel of Skims.

Also, you can get it in this adorable shade of pink, which is so perfect for spring and summer!

6. Square-Neck Catsuit

Catsuits are another popular clothing item sold by Skims, perfect to wear as loungewear or for everyday occasions.

However, if you don’t want to pay the Skims price, once again, Amazon comes to the rescue. This jumpsuit is super similar to the Skims fabric and cut.

What makes this jumpsuit even more fun is that it has a flared leg. This differs slightly from what Skims offers, but many women find this more comfortable. It also looks more modern than a tight leg since we’re all loving flared leggings these days.

7. Boxer Shorts Set

You might have seen Skims selling loungewear similar to these boxer shorts! This kind of Skims biker shorts is another sought-after item from the brand.

So, if you are looking to add a biker short like this one to your wardrobe for some extra loungewear, I recommend checking out this set that comes with a tee and boxer shorts featuring a V-construction similar to Skims.

The best part about this set is that it comes in a million colors — way more than you can find on the Skims website!

8. Smoothing Seamless Baby Tee

You might also be searching for a classic baby tee similar to the ones sold by Skims. If so, then this soft stretch seamless baby tee is definitely the one for you!

This baby tee resembles Skims with its soft stretch material and light brown shade. Plus, it’s really affordable and comes in tons of muted, Skims-esque colors.

9. Smoothing Seamless Tank

Skims clothing is known to be shaping and flattering to all body types, and this tank top is a great approximation of some of their higher-neck tanks.

While not a direct dupe, this boatneck seamless tank would be a great addition to your wardrobe if you are looking for something similar to Skims!

10. Hoodie & Shorts Set

You might not have known that Skims also sells hoodies and comfy shorts like these!

This hoodie set, which comes in various colors that closely resemble some of the Skims colors, would be the perfect loungewear set to add to your wardrobe.

This set will not only keep you comfy but also will give you a trendy loungewear set you can wear every day!

11. Straight Neck Cropped Cami Top

Straight neck cami top from Garage

Another great basic clothing item that would be perfect to add to your wardrobe to get the look of Skims is this scoop cami top.

This top will not only give you a Skims dupe to add to your wardrobe but also a great piece of clothing for lounging or pairing with outfits!

Once again, this top comes in a few cute colors that have a Skims vibe.

12. Cotton Jersey Tee

Skims is known for its ultra-fitted clothing, but the brand also sells some more classic tees, like this cotton jersey one!

The fabric on this Old Navy tee is cotton jersey, just like what Skims uses for some of their casual t-shirts. But the price point is a lot better.

This is also a great basic to add to your wardrobe that can be used to help you create everyday looks.

13. Soft Shaping Tank

Square neck tank from PacSun

The square neck is also a common feature of Skims clothing. So, when shopping for Skims dupes, look for something like this square-neck tank!

This square neck tank will give you the look and feel of Skims that you can use to make multiple different outfits or even use as a loungewear item.

Also, this tee is on sale right now for less than $10! You will not find prices like that at Skims.

14. Maxi Skirt Set

For those of us looking for a set that we can wear for everyday occasions that closely resembles Skims, I recommend this maxi skirt set!

This adorable set comes with a long-sleeve fitted top and a matching maxi skirt to give you a super cute outfit that resembles Skims.

15. Classic Fitted Tee

You might also be looking for a fitted tee like this one that is not cropped like the baby tees. If so, then definitely check out this fitted tee.

This tee not only resembles Skims’s fitted material, but its brown shade makes it almost identical to the t-shirts sold by the brand.

16. Flare Pants Lounge Set

This set is for those of us looking for the perfect set to wear as loungewear or for everyday activities.

This set includes a fitted tee and fold-over flare leggings that closely resemble the ones sold by Skims.

You will also love to know you can purchase this set in multiple colors!

17. Boyfriend T-Shirt & Shorts Set

One other popular item sold by Skims is the oversized boyfriend-fit tee and matching shorts.

This oversized T-shirt set would be a great addition to your wardrobe. It will not only give you the look of Skims but also provide some comfy loungewear or an outfit you can wear as an everyday look.

Plus, this top comes with the shorts. Once again, Skims sells these as separates, so buying this set is a great way to get two pieces for the price of one Skims item.

This khaki shade also makes this set resemble the look of the Skims brand even more. Everyone will think this set is Skims!

Which Skims dupe will you be adding to your closet?

What kind of Skims dupe are you looking for? What do you like to wear for loungewear?

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