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11 Best Liquid Highlighters for An Effortless Glow 2024

There are many ways to achieve glowy skin, but nothing makes it as effortless and seamless as liquid highlighters. Sure, powdery formulas have long been a cult-favorite (Becca Champagne Pop, we’re looking at you), but there’s no denying that liquid makeup products offer something different. These shimmery options can be just as pigmented and blinding as their powdery counterparts, all while being extremely easy to build and blend with the rest of your complexion essentials. The best part? There’s plenty of options now now that they’re making a comeback for 2024 makeup trends, especially if you like a more natural side.

Best liquid highlighters, at a glance

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I converted to team liquid highlighter not so long ago, but once I did—I never looked back. I’m all for reducing the amount of time that it takes for me to get ready, especially on office days when I only have less than 15 minutes to do my usual everyday look. And nothing cuts down my makeup routine better than opting for liquid and creamy formulas.

Out of all products I’ve tried, I found that liquid highlighters are the most versatile. They’re one of those multi-task makeup products that you can use in every way possible to get your most dewy, “glazed”-looking skin yet. Personally, I love mixing a few drops in my foundation for an all-over glowy finish, dabbing a bit on the high points of my cheeks and even popping a bit on top of my eyelids for a glossy look.

Some darker shades can even be used as bronzing drops, while others can work as body highlighters (hi, REFY Body Glow)—ideal for when you want to channel your inner bronze goddess. Long story short, there’s no limit as to how you can apply a liquid highlighter. Simply experiment and find out your favorite way to glow.

The best liquid highlighters

To help you narrow down your pick, we’ve put together a handy guide of the very best liquid highlighters for the days when you want to look just a tad more radiant. From affordable finds to premium buys, trending ones and the all-time classics that stood the test of time, plus a few newer releases that have just landed on the Glamour beauty desk, these are the ones worth trying. So read up and get glowing.

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