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10 Winter Accessories You Want & NEED To Stay Warm In Crazy Cold

 Must-Have Winter Accessories

Staying warm in the winter is just easier for people who live in warmer climates. I know this firsthand after having to make the adjustment from living in Texas’ very mild winter season to the drastic shift in Colorado. It’s cold! It takes me 20 minutes to get all the ice off my car before heading to the grocery store. For those of you who live in a place like I do where it’s common to see negative numbers, you can’t mess around. You have to be prepared for those sub-zero temps. I always want to find functional pieces that are also really stylish. Many of you have asked about my go-to cold-weather accessories so I’m sharing some faves below…

cold weather Winter Accessories featuring gray wool blend and black leather overlay texting gloves

winter accessories, cold weather accessories

winter texting gloves

Women’s Winter Accessories

#1) Cold Weather Accessory | Gloves

Let’s be real… MITTENS are WAY warmer than gloves (which I’ll share more about below). They just are, but I also love having a chic and warm pair of gloves for driving or running errands…especially a pair like these that are tech-friendly. These gorgeous wool-blend and leather gloves are by Carolina Amato. I like my accessories to have unique details. These gloves have a gray, wool-blend overlay that can be removed, folded, or worn as a sleeve. The gloves are very warm and a great price for the quality!

Shop more gloves here.

#2) Cold Weather Accessory | Mittens

As I said, mittens are just way warmer than gloves. But they aren’t as convenient or easy to wear when you need to actually use your fingers. I love wearing mittens for maximum warmth and especially while skiing. I just bought these on-trend metallic mittens by Goldbergh that are SO warm and stylish.

Shop more mittens here.

russian style faux fur black hat russian style faux fur black hat with rhinestone detail
winter accessories faux fur scarf, white faux fur Russian hatwinter accessories, Amazon Russian hat, Express scarf

winter accessories, look expensive during winter

#3) Cold Weather Accessory | Faux Fur Hat

The next must-have winter accessory is a warm hat! The black hat pictured above is from Etsy. The exact one is sold out but this is a similar one. The second hat is also faux fur and inspired by my love for winter white. Faux fur is SO glam and really warm too! I love the drama of a Russian-style hat. You can also try a faux fur headband to get the same look but just keep in mind that your head is exposed and you’ll get cold faster. The third hat I’m wearing is one I bought in Poland many years ago but it’s still a go-to and SO warm. This one looks similar if you like the look of the more natural brown/tan. 

Shop more hats here.

#4) Cold Weather Accessory | Warm Beanie

If you live in a cold climate, having a few warm beanies is a must! For the warmest, look for beanies that have a wool or cashmere blend material. The exact beanie I’m wearing is older but I linked a similar one here and here.

Shop more beanies here.

black wedge ugg boots to wear in snow

black wedge ugg boots with roll down fur detail the best waterproof stylish boots for snow, ugg boots

black wedge ugg boots to wear in cold weather, cold weather accessories

#5) Cold Weather Accessory | Ugg Boots

If you’ve followed me for long, you know I love wedge booties, wedge sandals, etc. I’m 5’4” so I like to add some height in any way I can! This is especially true in the winter. Nothing makes me feel frumpier than bulky, flat boots. These wedge booties are super soft and warm. The exact ones are sold out, but I like this pair even better! The exposed faux fur is very on-trend right now. And I love the sleek profile and wedge heel. The best part…they’re waterproof. You can also purchase this Ugg suede spray to add some extra protection if you want. The black is really versatile but they also come in brown. 

Shop more Ugg boots, shoes and slippers here.

#6) Cold Weather Accessory | Moon Boots

If you’re looking for a pair of winter boots that are trendier, these Moon boots are a favorite in our mountain town. They come in a lot of different colors, but the black will be most versatile! I love the chunky sole and trendy look.

leopard print cashmere scarf and russian style faux fur black hat

winter accessories, faux fur russian hate, marled Express scarf

#7) Cold Weather Accessory | Scarf

A warm scarf is an obvious must-have winter weather accessory! But make sure you get one in a soft, warm fabric. The exact leopard scarf I’m wearing above is sold out but this is a very similar one that’s also cashmere. Cashmere is always an excellent choice for warmth and it’s luxurious and soft. It’s also wearable year-round. Some other options would include faux fur, wool, or fleece. The cream scarf I’m wearing (similar here) in the second photo is incredibly soft and long enough to wrap around your neck or leave long and hanging, and it’s not too bulky. It would be a fun addition to your accessory collection and will definitely keep you warm! Find more of my favorite cozy cashmere pieces in this post.

Shop more scarves here.

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#8) Cold Weather Accessory | Fleece Lined Leggings

If you run really cold, it’s a good idea to get some leggings that you can wear underneath your jeans and pants. I’m wearing a pair of Spanx fleece-lined faux leather leggings. I love these leggings on their own (when it’s not too cold) or layered underneath jeans when I need the extra warmth (anyone else sitting at kids’ outdoor sports for hours freezing their butts off?!). Another great pair of fleece-lined leggings for the cold is this pair from Athleta but they are almost always sold out.

#9) Cold Weather Accessory | Puffer Vest

If you live in a more mild winter climate, a puffer vest is a great piece of outerwear to add to your closet. This vest is by Sam, which is one of my favorite outerwear brands for warm puffer pieces. I love that this vest has shearling details that are very on-trend but will still stand the test of time.

#10) Cold Weather Accessory | Sherpa Jacket

Another great piece of outerwear to have is a warm sherpa jacket. This Alo jacket is warm, cozy, comfy, and can be dressed up or down. You’ll still want to layer warm pieces underneath this jacket because it’s not going to keep you warm in below zero temps. But it’s a fun piece to have for your closet, especially if you live in a mild climate.

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